google-glass specs

It’s time to view the technology with a different eye,

Maybe with

Google’s project Glass!! It is a surprising and stunned me while I was going through the piece of news.

Google is here with yet an another innovation and calls its as “PROJECT GLASS”.


This glass offers Emails, videos and directions when you view through them , these can be experienced on the screen before your eyes.

This glass runs on one of the android OS and most features that you find on a Google’s mobile OS.

They perform same task that your smart phone but they respond to voice signals instead.

They allow to you take picture and videos .(But the quality of cameras is yet be published), searches are made easy, so whatever you wanna search just tell the glass and you will get the details.

The glasses are designed in five colors namely charcoal, tangerine, shale, cotton and sky blue.


This glass is under testing and release date not been announced. But if you are a US resident you have chance to try them out.

What you need to do is simple just tweet on G+ what you would do with glasses with the hashtag #ifihadglass.

Be sure not to put any nudity or stuffs that your MOM wouldn’t be OK with seeing.

Just spend some viewing this technology

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