Whether we realize it or not, email has been the oldest form of social network available. It is also a very private network, one used for personal and business communications. Just like other popular social networks we have today, emails can be used for promoting your business. Services such as Mailigen are offering the chance to connect – and maintain connections – with thousands of users through promotional mails. This article will show you how to get started without hassle.


Make It Easy to Opt In

Before you can start sending promotional emails and newsletters, you need to first have a list of email addresses to send them to. The best way to gather email addresses is by making it very easy for users to sign up. Instead of using intrusive popups to advertise your newsletter, place the Subscribe box at a visible location on your web pages.

Make sure users can sign up for your newsletter in just one simple step. You should also give them incentive for signing up. For example, you can give away a free eBook or a downloadable resource that users will find useful. You can then set up the initial email – one sent after a user sign up for a newsletter – to contain a download link.

One last thing you need to do is provide users with a clear description of what the newsletter is all about. Tell them what to expect from the emails you will be sending. The description will help users make the decision to subscribe.

Make It Personal, Make It Valuable

One of the ways you can expand your list is by having users forward the newsletter to more people. In order to do so, you need to make the experience of reading your newsletters as good as it can be.

Write each newsletter so that it appears and feels personal. You can include a quick excerpt from you personally – along with a photo of you – at the beginning or the end of the newsletter. Write as if you are talking to your users directly.

You should also try to increase the value of your newsletter in general. Providing information that only subscribers can access, adding freebies to the email content and letting subscribers ask questions through a special subscribers-only page are among the things you can do to increase the value of your newsletter.

Share, but Don’t Spam

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Keep the number of emails you send at minimum. Once every two to four weeks should be more than enough. Sending too many emails to your users will only cause them to shy away from the newsletter and unsubscribe. Sending too little, on the other hand, will reduce the effectiveness of the newsletter altogether.

As you add more email addresses to your list, you should also consider organizing the emails based on categories and other parameters. Grouping users into categories will allow you to personalize the newsletters you are sending out even further. You can even provide users with offers they will actually like based on their interest and other personal preferences.

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