Landing pages are a great tool that help not only help increase your conversion rate but also track and analyze the visitor’s behavior and hence are used by professionals all around the globe. However, a landing page is only efficient if it is made using a good software. If you’re looking for the right software to build your landing page, you’ve come to the right place as today we will be comparing two of the most popular and effective landing page builders, namely GetResponse and LeadPages. So let’s get to it.

Design Features

Starting with the design features of the two page builders, neither one of these failed to impress us. Both GetResponse and LeadPages claim you can set up a landing page in under less than 10 minutes with ease. You have many templates to choose from, 70 in the case of LeadPages and 100 in GetResponse’s case to be specific. Both the softwares allow you to create or choose from these templates without even having to see a line of code. So if you’re into SEO without any knowledge of coding, both these landing page builders can be of your use.

Leadpages Design

The landing pages build by LeadPages are 100{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} mobile friendly so you don’t have to worry about losing any mobile visitors while GetResponse on the other hand gives you access to over a 1000 images that you can use on your landing page. LeadPages also allows you to code and build your own templates if you can.

GetResponse Design

So if compared in terms of design features, GetResponse emerges as the winner here in our view.

Analytics Support

Like we said above, one of the main purpose of a landing page is to analyze a visitor’s behaviour and present it in a well formatted manner. So analytics support is as important for a landing page builder as any other factor.

Leadpages Analytics

Getting to it, both the tools again have good features to offer. Both of them offer an in-depth analysis of the stats such as the conversion ratio, unique views etc.

GetResponse analytics

However, GetResponse has this additional feature where it integrates with Google Analytics and thus provide you with an even better analysis of the landing page stats. Hence, GetResponse is the clear winner in this category too by a fair margin.

Social Media Compatibility

In the last decade, the number of users on social media platforms has been increasing exponentially and online marketers and SEO experts have used this opportunity well. It has therefore become quite a norm to integrate social media into any online marketing and SEO program. Social media compatibility is thus another very important factor to keep in mind while building your landing page.

Leadpages Social Media

This has been kept in mind by both GetResponse and LeadPages as both the landing page building tools allow for Facebook integration allowing you to get more traffic via the social platform.

GetResponse Social Media

However, GetResponse takes the social media integration a step further by also integrating your landing page with YouTube giving you an even far spread reach. As is pretty evident, GetResponse is the clear winner here.


Coming to a factor that plays a very important role in deciding one of the two products from a comparison, pricing details for GetResponse and LeadPages is summarized below.

Get Response Pricing

GetResponse offers plans starting from $15 a month while LeadPage’s cheapest plan costs $25. GetResponse also has multiple payment options with plans that include multiple user support. It also offers you to try the tool for a free 30-day trial period.

Lead Pages Pricing

LeadPages on the other hand offers just 3 payment options. Need we mention the winner again?

Final Verdict

Be it in terms of design, social media compatibility or analytics support, GetResponse has emerged as the winner in all the categories. Though both the tools offer identical features, the extra features that you get with GetResponse and that too at a lower price makes it the best choice for landing page building. Another feature that makes GetResponse better is that it comes with an integrated email marketing software which is absent from LeadPages.

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