Most of the entrepreneurs maximize the use of the internet to run their successful business. They build a stunning business website to display their product/service details and use social media to reach the target audience. However, how could they convert their visitors into real buyers? They use a powerful tool, email marketing to connect with their customers and increase sales. Yes, it is widely used method since many years!

Are you a business owner/affiliate marketer/blogger who wants to launch a successful email marketing campaign? Have you started to build your email list? You must know that the email list building is the best way to grow your business on the web. But, how would you increase your number of subscribers?

I agree that you can get subscribers from social media, content marketing and through the word of mouth in the real world. Nevertheless, creating a spotless landing page and adding the attractive opt-in forms would let you increase the number of your email contacts. To do so, you need a good email marketing service.


There are many affordable and user-friendly email marketing service providers available to help you run the successful email campaigns. I’ve used GetResponse and AWeber across various projects, so I thought to compare their performance in various aspects.

GetResponse Vs Aweber

Let’s start comparing the key features of GetResponse and Aweber!

1. Analytics

GetResponse is an excellent tool in giving the clear and easy to read stats of your email newsletters.  With its in-depth analysis, it is more likely to understand from opens to clicks, about unsubscribers, complaints etc.

Aweber can provide the same kind of data, but you’ve to dig a lot from the follow-up messages.


Which is best? GetResponse

2. Navigation

Aweber is simple and it is easy to use once you know where everything is. Its great functionality and navigation would let you send the messages easily.

GetResponse has tricky navigation feature! You have to go to many places and press buttons to customize the newsletters.

Which is best?  Aweber

3. Templates

You can find a suitable template for your business from both the email service providers. GetResponse offers more than 500 templates under various categories whereas the Aweber has over 600 templates. All the templates are responsive and some of them look like well-known WordPress themes.


Which is best? Both

4. Landing pages

Landing pages are designed to capture data that contains a form, attractive images, and a little text to nudge the visitors in submitting their email address.

Landing page creator of GetResponse allows you to create dazzling landing pages through its simple drag & drop editor and hundreds of templates. Besides, you can perform A/B testing.

Aweber will let you do similar stuff either only with third-party tools or manual coding. So, the straightforwardness in landing page of Aweber is misplaced.

Which is best? GetResponse

5. Affordability

Both tools charge recurring monthly fees, but GetResponse is slightly cheaper than Aweber. Have a look at their pricing details!

GetResponse – $15 for 1000 subscribers, $25 for 2500 subscribers and the payment increases with the number of subscribers.

Aweber – $19/month for 1000 subscribers and you need to pay extra $10 for a further 2000 subscribers.


Which is best? GetResponse

6. Autoresponder

The autoresponder of GetResponse has a great feature “time travel” to send the emails to your subscribers at their local time. In addition, it has list segmentation and split testing feature to track the behavior of your subscribers.

Aweber has a similar type of autoresponder, but it is very restrictive.


Which is best? GetResponse

7. Support

Both email marketing services offer their support through Phone, Live Chat and Email. The live chat of GetResponse is available only during the weekdays (Monday – Friday) whereas you can get the live support from Aweber on all days (fewer hours on weekends)

Which is best? Aweber

8. Other Features

If we compare the other features like Clean start-up screen, Simple Adding/Importing contacts, Pleasant preview screens, User-friendly visual editor, Stunning photo gallery, and Helpful mobile app, GetResponse is the intelligible tool than Aweber.

Which is best? GetResponse


If you’re looking for an effective way to promote your business/content, you must incorporate Email marketing into your marketing method. It is the reliable way to build the relationship with your customers. On the other hand, choosing the best email service provider can be a daunting task, as there exists a large number of companies in this market with slight variations in their features.

You might have recognized from the above discussion that the GetResponse surpass Aweber in the features like analytics, autoresponders, affordability, and landing pages. Therefore, if you arelooking to get started with your email marketing campaign, choosing GetResponse would be a wise idea.

With this detailed comparison, I hope that I’ve been helpful in choosing the best email marketing service for your business. Kindly leave the comment by sharing your views and experience on Email marketing.

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