Future of Gaming on Smartphones and Tablets [Overview]

by Dan

With the launch of PlayStation 4 by Sony and Xbox One by Microsoft, the gaming style of people have changed in a great way with awesome games supporting these consoles are coming up.

future of gaming

Agreed, they are the ultimate beasts for a hardcore gamer, but what about games like live casino? It is one of the favorite apps for people who love playing on their not so powerful smartphones and tablets.

So if you are a gamer, and think that only these gaming consoles will prove that you are one of them, you are wrong!

Smartphones and tablets are gaining the pace of consoles at a rapid pace and with full of surprises.

Not feeling content yet? Have a look at the list below:

Strategy Games –

You must have thought, hardcore games like GTA San Andreas, Diablo, GTA Vice city, Fifa 13 run on Computers and Gaming consoles alone? If yes, you are very much under the rock. All these hardcore games are now available in iPhone, iPad and other tablets.

Graphics –

Again, these games have Console level graphics integrated in their system. Specially, the recently launched iPad Air has x3 times the graphic power it had in iPad fourth generation. Many people think that a console quality means high power graphics and why not? Gaming is all about graphics and processing power.

Lets take Asphalt 6 as an example. You don’t need gaming console to play the graphic intensive game. In fact, I am more excited and comfortable playing Asphalt 3 or GTA San Andreas on my iPad then on my PlayStation 3.

Processor Power –

No doubt, gaming console is something that is specifically made for games and it is bound to have high graphic and processor power chips. But the smartphones and tablets are not far behind. Lets take PlayStation 2 into account. It has 300 MHz processor and a 147 MHz graphic GPU with 32 GB RAM.

Putting that into context, Samsung Galaxy S4 has 1.9 gHz quad core processor with 400 MHz Adreno 320 GPU having just 2 GB RAM. Although the RAM is way less, putting it on paper, Galaxy S4 is way ahead looking at other features and not specifically made for gaming alone. So you can see the comparison.

We think, 5 years down the line, gaming consoles will be obsolete and smartphones, tablets and wearable’s will be your only gaming devices which will be much more fun and portable to use.

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