Free Powerpoint Templates For Effective And Powerful Presentations

by Dan

When it comes to creating presentations, half, if not most, of your time is spent planning and designing your slides. This doesn’t even include the time spent gathering the necessary data, and preparing for the presentation itself. But if you are pressed for time, which could happen a lot, you would find that having a range of PowerPoint templates can greatly help you. Such templates help take out the hassle and the tedious effort from the equation, and significantly cut in half the time it takes to create beautiful, interesting, and effective PowerPoint presentations.

Free PowerPoint Templates (aka offers a diverse array of free PowerPoint backgrounds and templates that will help you create outstanding slideshows every time. Whether you’re working on something for school, office, or personal use, there’s a template for you. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re presenting a class report, a financial analysis, a travel itinerary, a movie review, or a holiday event plan, FPPT has you covered.


Diverse Array of Templates Designed by Professionals

FPPT houses thousands of professionally designed and carefully curated PowerPoint slide and presentation templates. By going over the site’s categories or typing a specific keyword to search for; you can find a range of templates for any topic, purpose, and audience.

There are templates for a single slide, which contain interesting visuals such as diagrams, charts, video effects, and animations. These slide templates can easily be used to inject some life into an otherwise dull presentation. They can be used to create drama, emphasize a point, create a great first impression, wow your audience, or leave them looking forward for more of your presentations. Whatever your goals, rest assured you will easily accomplish them with any of the free PowerPoint templates available at FPPT.


What’s great about these templates is that they are designed to look polished. There are different templates designed especially for a specific purpose in mind, such as financial reports, project planning, sales pitches, marketing strategy, historical timeline, customer development process, and the like.

There are also a wide range of templates that span various industries, such as travel, tourism, finance, marketing, education, nutrition, communication, sports, photography, art, medicine, law, engineering, technology, science, and so many more. This way, you will never run out of templates for all your needs, especially if you are tasked with creating presentations for business, education, or personal use on a regular basis.


Exceptional PowerPoint Templates with Convenience in Mind

FPPT’s PowerPoint templates are free, and they can be reused as many times as you need to. This allows you to download as many templates as you need and keep them as your very own go-to templates. Furthermore, the templates are designed for PowerPoint, which means you enjoy the full functionality of the PowerPoint application. And if you have older versions, it’s not a problem because you can still enjoy backward compatibility, which means you are not necessarily required to upgrade, which may cause you further hassle or delay.

Templates come in standard and widescreen projection dimensions, making it easy for you to optimize your presentations for your viewers and projection requirements. This ensures easy readability and full visibility of your presentations, which is utterly important if you want your slides to be seen and understood by your audience.


Another great feature you can find with FPPT templates is that each of the slideshows contain various layouts for you to create variety yet still ensure that your presentations remain cohesive under the same theme. Each of the free templates available for download come with a title slide and a set of slides that are already organized with different formatting and content samples for you to effectively and concisely present your information.

The templates also contain visual aids that allow you to save time, and create an effective means of presenting your data. These visuals come in the form of lists, charts, diagrams, tables, graphs, captioned images, and many more. The templates have sample content as well to give you a good idea of how your own presentation would look like or should be displayed.

Various Slide Layouts and Easy Customization Options

With these templates, you can be sure that you also can let your preferences direct your deck as there are themes that come with their own set of variations. Still, you are free to rearrange these preset slides depending on how you want your presentation to flow. You can also make use of blank slides to create your own layout. You can then rearrange and duplicate the slides that you need, as well as delete those which you don’t, without ruining the whole look of your presentation. Furthermore, many of the templates allow you to insert your own logo and slogan as well as apply your own set of color scheme to make your deck brand-oriented or have your own personal touch.


For beginners, the slideshow templates come with notes and instructions, as well as tips and examples, to help guide you as you complete your own presentation. Therefore, you don’t really have to be an expert in design or slideshows, as these FPPT templates will easily make your decks look as if they were impressively made by professionals.


Despite all the presentation templates provided by the site are free, most of these PowerPoint templates and backgrounds include the logo or watermark, that is not easy to remove. If this is an inconvenience for you, there are other free resources like or that won’t include any watermark or logo. This is especially useful if you are using the templates for commercial purposes.

Final Words

Meanwhile, experts can still find this template useful as it helps them significantly cut down the time it takes to build a presentation, compared to creating one from scratch. In fact, these templates even help them focus more on livening up their slides, learning about the subject, or practicing their speech, definitely resulting to a great and powerful presentation that brings in their desired results.

So, if you’re looking for a PowerPoint presentation template that you can use for any topic, audience or purpose, go ahead and visit The templates are compatible with the major versions of Microsoft PowerPoint and Office. You can also open these templates through Keynote, OpenOffice, or by using Google Slides. Get started today, download a template, and reap great results!

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