An IT support company, Flair4IT, has been supporting their clients on transitioning to the cloud over the past years. Numerous times, they have been faced with a number of questions relating to security concerns. They have released new information to address those security concerns directly.

The cloud is everywhere, but it is still a relatively new innovation. As a result, it has been under significant scrutiny. Businesses are reluctant to store their sensitive data remotely, as they worry that it could be hacked., a UK based IT support company, has released new information to answer the five main security concerns that they come across.


Firstly, businesses worry about the security of the cloud, since the iCloud by Apple was hacked. This led to a significant drop in cloud adoption rates, both on personal and business levels. A representative from Flair4IT says: “The problem with the iCloud hack is that it was poorly described in the media. The iCloud itself wasn’t hacked at all. Rather, it was the individual account of the 26 celebrities that were affected. The password security system used by Apple was poor, which meant that people could easily guess the passwords. This is now no longer a problem.”

The second issue that most companies raise if they consider a transition to the cloud is how it is protected. Flair4IT has released a wealth of information explaining the complex algorithms that are in place. They have also highlighted that all information is fully encrypted. So while someone could technically break all this protection, there isn’t a 100{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} safe method of storing anything, even physically. The cloud, generally speaking, is more safe than any other storage method.

For Flair4IT, the most important thing is that people learn how to keep the data they store on the cloud completely safe. Password security is the most important element of this, which was shown by the 26 celebrities who had their accounts hacked. When Flair4IT works with customers, they always ensure individual, impossible to guess passwords are in place. Data security, for all businesses, is a huge concern, which is why the highest grade encryption should be used at all times. Flair4IT also highlighted that losing data is a much greater risk than having data hacked.


Reliability is the next big concern. If there is a system outage, or if someone was to be in an area with poor internet access, it would be near impossible to reach the cloud. While the latter is impossible to address, Flair4IT implores businesses to not worry about physical disasters as much. “Most cloud servers are in areas that are not affected by natural disasters,” adds the company representative. “However, you can always research the geographical location before you decide to sign up with one.”

Finally, Flair4IT created a poll to identify who currently uses the cloud. It was found that 86{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of businesses now use the cloud extensively, and many use multiple systems. Specifically, they found that:

  • 30{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of enterprises use just one storage account.
  • 16{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of enterprises use two.
  • 12{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of enterprises use three.
  • 8{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of enterprises use four.
  • 19{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of enterprises use five or more.
  • 13{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of enterprises have no account at all.


The Flair4IT representative said: “Most companies clearly trust the cloud, or they wouldn’t be using it so extensively. The rise since 2009 has been exponential, despite the several security risks and breaches. Of course, risks are absolutely there and they must be acknowledged. We are there to help companies make sure they use the cloud both efficiently and safely, so that they can access all its benefits.”

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