Globally millions of people work from home; just because you are not going out to the office doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a dedicated space to conduct your business.  Having a home office that is designed to accommodate your working day prevents the line between business and leisure from blurring.  But what are the important things to consider when making sure you have everything you need for a comfortable and efficient working experience.

An Area that Works

If you are conducting business you are not going to want to be lounging on a couch; having a desk and chair that works for you is essential.


Although you may be tempted to save costs on office furniture you should not be too conservative when purchasing a chair.  You are likely to be sitting there for at least 7-8 hours a day so having a good quality chair is not just necessary for your own comfort but also for your health.  There is no one size fits all where ergonomic chairs are concerned but there are things to consider:

  • Easily adjustable seat height.
  • Enough depth and width to support you.
  • Adjustable lumbar support to avoid problems with the lumbar region of your back.
  • A backrest that is wide enough to fully support your back and accommodates the curve of your spine.
  • A chair seat that has padding for comfort and support.

An office desk should be of sufficient height for you to sit comfortably at it, and with enough space to accommodate your technology and stationery without you having to stretch to reach anything, as this can cause muscular problems.


Technically it’s not something you actually own, but space is something that you can create in an office.  If the room is cluttered and disorganized you will not be able to locate items and you will not feel relaxed.  This is not conducive to be able to work efficiently.

If you have a large space under your desk storage bins can be filled and placed under, alternatively look for an office that is having a clear out of its furniture and see if you can acquire a filing cabinet.

Functional Walls

The walls of an office are excellent for providing a space saving information zone.  Get yourself a noticeboard and pins and you are good to go.  You can pin up a calendar with important dates; you may use an electronic calendar but having something in hard copy in front of you is always good.  Keep your messages on the board so you know what phone calls you have to return; you can locate them next to a phone contact list for ease of reference.

A noticeboard is also a great place to keep cuttings about news in your area of business; it is always a good idea to be up to date.

laptop and printer


The basics for home office technology are a desktop/laptop, printer, scanner, fax, and shredder – you can visit Konica Minolta for this.  Don’t be tempted to spend any more than you need to on a desktop/laptop; you are not going to need high range graphics if all you are using it for is Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.  If you travel a lot for work purposes a laptop is probably going to be more efficient, unless you have a separate tablet.  It is probably going to be more cost effective to buy a multifunctional device for your other technology needs; you will also have more space while still being able to fax, scan, and print.

The Fun Zone

If your office starts to feel oppressive, or you need a break from writing a report, a fun zone is a great, convenient way to break the tedium.   You don’t have to leave the room so you won’t be tempted by daytime TV but your brain will get the breathing space it needs.  Whether it’s picture frames with your favorite pictures, a stress ball, desk billiards, or your favorite Green Lantern comic, a fun zone is a must for any home office.

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