Smartphones are an invention of the twenty century. We have seen it evolve since its introduction in 1990’s from heavy bricks to future bendable screen phones. Smartphones come in all range, colours and sizes. We have seen cellular providers and manufacturing companies come and go and new ones taking their place. But one thing is for sure, smartphones have come to stay. They are convenient, portable and accessible at all time. They have become so deeply embedded into our daily lives that most of us can not do without them on a daily basis. Smartphones have made life so easy that we have forgotten some of the hardships and difficulties we used to endure before its introduction to the world.


Smartphones have changed the way people interact with each other. Prior to smartphone integration into society, there was the era of mails where people had to send written letters to each other through the post and this could take days or weeks. There was also the messenger method, where a person had to go to the physical address to deliver a verbal message. Growing up, if my parents had a message for mister x, they had to look for someone going to the same town as mister x and beg them to take a detour to mister x’s address.

The ease in communication, smartphones has granted humankind is out of this world. Now, smartphones have made communication so convenient and accessible, you can pick up a smartphone and talk to someone on another continent. In the past, this meant going to call centers and waiting in line just to make that phone call. You can make three-way conference calls, communicate using facetime, make emergency calls and so many other things that were difficult to do in the past.  Easy communication has brought friends and family closer but there is a downside. The disadvantage is that people no longer spark up conversations with random people they meet on the bus or at the airport.


Banking of the past involved going to the bank, filling out forms, getting in line and spending time at the counter speaking to a bank teller. Sometimes you can spend hours at the bank just to make a transaction worth pennies. With evolution of smartphones, banks have had to develop an easy way of banking and goes with the ease of using smartphones. With bank apps, you do not have to go to a physical bank to make transactions today. You can now check account balances, do bank transfers, order for credit cards and cheques, pay your bills, pay for cinema tickets, book flights and so much more.

There are other third party financial apps with special features and banking services. The possibilities are endless and sometimes all you need is the touch of your smartphone on a point of sale terminal and your transaction is done, no need to carry around your bank cards. In undeveloped countries, banks are trying to get people to start using their smartphones for personal banking by promoting the cashless society which is taking off. People will still step into banks because there are some banking things that you can not do with your smartphone, and you will still find that one person that loves going to the bank because they find the smartphone approach to banking to impersonal and prefer to interact with a person.


Gaming started from handheld devices to consoles and have now migrated to smartphones. The smartphone gaming industry is a billion dollar industry and gaming companies like Razer have even started producing their own smartphones. The games come in various forms from puzzles, simulations, massive multiplayer, action, combat to sports and many more. With smartphone gaming, online friendships are formed via communication from games like Clash of Clan and Star Wars. This on-the-move gaming is also used to while away time when you are bored or in transit. People have now become so addicted to smartphone gaming that an addict went blind after playing for 24 hours straight.

Smartphones now come with sensors, powerful cameras that have made augmented Virtual Reality and 3D gaming possible with games such as “Pokemon Go” and the yet to be released “The Machines”. The advancement in smartphone technology has made way for mobile gaming devices and accessories that take the smartphone gaming experience to another level. Devices like Samsung Gear, Logitech Powershell Gaming Controller, Google Chromecast Ultra, MOGA Pro Controller, Razer Kraken Mobile Headphones and portable power banks have made mobile gaming exceptional.


Going to casino buildings will soon become a thing of the past as smartphones become more advanced. Gambling needs have been made accessible at the touch of a button, so bye bye Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. Gambling is one of the most lucrative business today and casinos have now developed apps that are compatible with iPhones and Androids. All a player needs is a smartphone and a good internet connection. Improvement in smartphone technology has made way for new types of online gambling and this is changing the betting habits of players. Social gambling and sports betting have emerged over the years and more people now have access to gambling platforms.

Players now have online access to progressive slot games with huge jackpots, electronic gaming machines, poker, table game, card games, lotteries and sport betting. The avenues to engage in smartphone gambling include using methods such as short text messages to wager, social media apps such as Tedbet, online casinos such as Jackpot City and websites like which collate slot games from various places. It is expected that there will be an increase in the growth of online smartphone gambling as Google Play Store has lifted its ban of gambling apps on the platform in some European countries. Online gambling is legal in some provinces in Canada, several countries in the Caribbeans and most countries in the EU.


Oh! The day of having to go to the supermarket to do groceries or going through racks of clothing to find the perfect style and fit. We are starting to see the emerging of retailers and technology to create seamless shopping experiences using apps and other softwares. With smartphones, you can sit on your bed and shop online for practically anything you need using your smartphone. You can shop for food, clothing, books, games, furniture, love and electronics delivered to your doorsteps in a few hours to a couple of days. We can thank companies like Ebay, Shopify,, Instagram and Alibaba for this new form of laziness.

Ecommerce is big and it is still growing as small business do not even have a website. Over 60{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of millennials prefer to store online than in-store. Purchases are just a click away with safe and secure mobile payment solutions. Some retailers have also customized mobile shopping experience using omnichannels, personalized shopping and 3D avatar shopping. Retailers will have to take bolder steps and elevate in-store unique experiences to justify why customers have to make a trip to their stores, as I do not see myself waking up early just to be in front of the line on black friday sales anymore.

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