These days it seems that everyone and his brother (or sister) wants to be a DJ and sometimes the equipment can be a bit costly, especially if this is just a hobby. However, with the massive explosion of apps available for mobile devices, everyone can get their feet wet and have a ton of fun playing with mixes and beats.

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Don’t let it fool you though, because many of the newer apps on the market are being used by seasoned pros as well as by virtual beginners. We’ll take a look at one of them below that is commonly used by many of the world’s top DJs who have top-of-the-line DJ equipment already at their disposal. Whether you’ve already laid the foundation or are looking to learn, here are five great apps for aspiring DJs.

VirtualDJ Home

While not actually the best of the bunch, this one gets an honourable mention because it is free. You heard it right – free! For any would-be DJ without fancy DJkit equipment, this would be the place to start. This particular app is available on both Windows and Mac platforms and has enough of the basics to get you started.


While Djay is available for iOS and Mac, Djay2 for iPhone and iPad is also on the market at slightly less the cost. The interface is unimposing and above all, clutter-free making it easy to navigate even for the newest of newbies. The app has a bunch of features which enable you to vary your transitions, making for neverending possibilities on your mixes.

PocketDJ Vintage

If you don’t have the latest in mobile phone technology, not to worry. PocketDJ vintage was actually designed with users of older model smart phones in mind. Although the features are limited based on the technology it was designed for, there is plenty to work with for beginners, including the ability to crossfade and loop.

Cross DJ

Perhaps the biggest boon for this app is the fact that it is available on a wider variety of platforms, including both a free and paid version for Mac. Android tablets and smart phones support this app as well as iOS platforms. The one point Cross DJ reviewers mention most is that it is easier to work with on bigger screens, even though features are not compromised on smaller screens.

Traktor DJ

And last but certainly not least is Traktor DJ. Just like its pro counterpart, this handy app is anything but little. A word of warning to the wise though, it is so packed with features that you just may want to have a spare battery on hand as yours can quickly get depleted. The app itself may be a bit more difficult for newbies to navigate, but with a bit of practice you can be producing mixes with the best of them.

To sum it all up, this is the beauty of today’s technology. It is no longer necessary to wait until you get home to make music. With apps like these, you can mix as you go – literally!

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