Previously I have posted the list of websites where you can Download Awesome Facebook Cover Photos online,In this post I have listed the best websites to design and edit your own Facebook Cover Photo.The good thing about these websites is everything is free as you wants to be.


InstaCover is a website to create a Timeline cover out of your’s and other people’s Instagram photos.it is very simple process,you can add or remove particular photos and create a Timeline Cover.

Timeline Cover Bannerhttp://timelinecoverbanner.com/

Tons of Background banners available from which you can design your own Cover using various editing tools available,The positive thing about this website is NO WATERMARK,yes they doesn’t include their website logo or name in your time line cover which is pretty good.

MyFBCovers http://www.myfbcovers.com/

A very simple tool,Upload your own photos or chose photos from your friends profiles by connecting your Facebook account and do some edits to make your own Cover photo,It also has premade Facebook covers which you can use it instantly by clicking “Make My Facebook Cove“.


Gives full freedom to make whatever you want.The service requires access to your Facebook profile, and will also post on your wall when you upload your cover.

Pic Scatterhttp://picscatter.com/

It is a great collage tool,make your own collage using yours and friends Facebook photos.

Have I missed something ? Help me to cover in future posts by commenting below.

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