Fitness Influencers: Personal Digital Trainers For The Masses

by Dan

At one point in time, you would have to hire a personal trainer or go to a class to get the type of help you need to do exercises and eat in a way that helps you reach your fitness goals. Not so, in the highly technological era of social networks and YouTube channels! Thanks to the efforts of influencers — a new breed of celebrity that encompasses a variety of people from content creators to industry experts to passionate consumers — it’s easier than ever to learn everything from the secrets of applying cosmetics to how to replace an alternator. Getting into shape is no different, and we’ve put together a short list of influencer channels that can help with the help of NeoReach’s influencer marketing software.

#1: Fit Bottomed Girls

Do you find yourself craving the support and fun you would get from girls at the gym but don’t have the money or the time? Erin Whitehead and Jennipher Walters are the co-founders of Fit Bottomed Girls, which targets real women that lead real lives. It is their belief that you should enjoy exercise instead of dread it and approach fitness with a combination of fun workouts, plenty of motivation, real talk, and great laughs. Some exercises they focus on include bodyweight fitness, cardio, and yoga.

#2: Carrots ‘N’ Cake

This blog is run by Tina, a CrossFit trainer and certified personal trainer who believes in finding the balance in things. Her approach to fitness involves moderation of the foods you love and fitness, which lead to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Some of the things that you will find on Carrots ‘N’ Cake include delicious recipes (for weight loss and indulgence), workout tips, and plenty of other fitness tidbits from her expert point of view. Some of the exercises you can expect to see on this site include minimalist exercises (done with dumbbells), full-body workouts, tips for running, and more.

#3: The Lean Green Bean

This blog is run by Lindsay, a woman who is a registered dietician and a mother from Ohio. She has a passion for health and shares that with bloggers, with a variety of topics on her blog. Some things that you can expect to see include workout regimens, delicious recipes, and tips for new moms. You will find workouts for the treadmill, cardio, and dumbbells. She also focuses on CrossFit from time to time. Something cool about her site is that all of the workouts she offers come in a poster form that can easily be pinned to Pinterest for later.

#4: Mind Body Green

This fitness blog focuses on the body as a whole and provides tips that will help you reach high levels of physical, mental, and emotional health. Here you will find tips for meditation and yoga and information on workouts like stretching, strength training, and running. Not only will you find tips for doing these exercises, the blog will give information on how to fit exercise into a busy lifestyle and achieve the perfect balance.

#5: Power Cakes

This blog is run by Kasey Arena, a certified personal trainer with degrees in the fields of physical education and health. She focuses a lot on weightlifting and cardio on her blog. You will also find a number of product reviews, on everything from protein bars to weight supplements. You will also find the occasional hand care product review from time to time. After all, weightlifting can be hard on the hands.