FamilyTime – Best Monitoring App Among All Cell Phone Parental Controls

by Dan

Easy access to the Internet and extreme social networking is making parenting a huge challenge for all of us. From what will you restrict your kids and what will you allow? Can you stop them from using networking sites? It’s clearly a big NO! If you think stalking your kids and restricting their exposure can solve your parenting woes; it’s not a good option at all! Try cell phone parental controls and get your parental concerns resolved. I have tested FamilyTime app and my experience might help you, too! So read on to know its features.


Things you would love to know

Very economical:you can avail these handy features at a very cheap price. You have to spend just one or two dollars to use it.

High Compatibility:If you are searching for an app that can work equally well on all of your Android and iOS mobile sets, then FamilyTime is the best choice for you.

All-inclusive features

Web browsing history:

  • Track the Websites your children have viewed
  • The number of times they have visited a specific site.

Call history

  • Check call history
  • Check call details
  • View contact information.

Mobile tracker

  • Trace their current location
  • Where they have been, get instant notification if they visit suspicious places.

Message history

  • View the number of messages they send and receive.
  • Monitor names and numbers of contacts.

Contact history

  • Check the names and numbers of contacts.

Special alerts

  • Stay updated about any emergency or if your kid gets in touch with suspicious contact, location or place.
  • No need to stay glued to your phone as FamilyTime would keep you updated 24/7.

Panic alerts

  • Your child can send you panic alerts if they feel danger.
  • You can check their current location instantly.


My opinion: FamilyTime a Hotshot App!

I formed a positive opinion about FamilyTime when I tested it. So I would recommend you to try it personally and get all of its benefits because it does what it claims. I found this one the best among all cell phone parental controls and I’m sure it will work well for you as it did for me.

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