facebook-page-appIf you are fan of Facebook and lover of Android.

Here is some good new for you.Facebook has launched its Page manager app for Android on google play on January 2013.

Facebook had already released the page manager app for iOS last year.Seeing the growing trend and the shift of people towards Android made this release possible.

Though the new android version does not have the features that are available in iOS like adding and promoting facebook page.

Still it features

  • Posting new updates , Sharing photos, tagging and commenting on the posts.
  • You can view your private messges and reply them.
  • It also provides notification about the new events, Tags and comments.
  • Delivering page insights.

At the time of release the app was available only in few regions and there was some problem in downloading the app in UK.

The current version is 1.0 and you need to have Android 2.2 and up to use the app.

It occupies 9.5Mb space and it is available free for Android.

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