Facebook Home is the latest product of Facebook to increase its user engagement over smart phones.Though many call it as a epic fail,still many peoples are actively using it.

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If you are an advanced user then you might have noted the size of Facebook app which is just around 300Kb and It also doesn’t require any special permission to run.But how is that possible ? If you note down the size of even a light weight launcher it weighs above 1 Mb.For example Smart Launcher, one of the top lightweight launcher but it weighs around 1.6Mb.

So how Facebook managed to make such a light weight launcher ? The answer is Piggybacking.

Facebook Home isn’t a standalone app,It requires Facebook Main App and Facebook Messenger to properly function.What it does is ,It takes datas from the Facebook App.So there is no need to access internet by itself.

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For example you are making a comment or like via Facebook Home then It calls Facebook Main app rather then directly connecting with Facebook servers.So,Whatever action you carry out with Facebook launcher,It calls out Facebook main app which already has all the permission like to access internet,access your current location etc.

So that explains why Facebook Homes doesn’t need any permissions to function.Now about the size,Most of the code and libraries for Facebook Home are already present in Facebook Main app.So there is no need to duplicate those codes,Facebook Home just reuses them.

Bottom line is,Facebook Home is a perfectly engineered App which got mixed review but users certainly needs to understand it more deeply than just looking at the surface.

Article based on Android Stackexchange thread

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