As per a report, “Viewers can retain 95% of any message when watching it in a video, as compared to reading it in text.” (source)

And, that’s why numerous businesses out there have started incorporating video messages on social media platforms, websites, and blogs. 

If you are planning to skyrocket your business outreach, then it is the time to post some engaging videos that can grab your audience’s attention.

But, how to create professional-looking videos without hiring any professional? Well, you need a high-end tool such as Wondershare VidAir that lets you create stunning videos right away with your PC.

In this post, we have highlighted some exciting features of the tool and how you can use it to create videos.

Features you get with Wondershare VidAir. 

Specially designed to offer convenience, VidAir is an easy-to-use video editing tool. It doesn’t require any professional experience, and you can get started with editing videos on the go.

In short, creating engaging and creative videos is now possible with VidAir.

Add Customized Text to the Videos 

The tool lets you add, replace, and remove text from the videos. Furthermore, you can customize the text in different fonts so that it is easy to read and looks interesting. You can place the text anywhere in the video using the drag-and-drop option available in VidAir.

A Range of Attractive Templates 

Wondershare VidAir is a perfect tool for every business out there, such as travel, food, fashion, and much more. It comes packed with thousands of templates that you can incorporate in the video to target a specific set of audience. 

 All you need to do is search the templates in the tool, and you can add them to the videos.

Add/Edit/Delete Audio 

With this video editing tool, you can add, edit, or delete the audio on the go. Whether you want to post your customer’s reviews or anything promotional, you can play with the audio to make the video even interesting.

Beautiful Stickers are Just a Click Away!

You get a variety of stickers in this tool. These stickers can help you boost sales or improve customer engagement. Using the stickers is quite easy, and you can learn it through this Wondershare VidAir guide that’s your go-to option to learn using this video editing tool.

Use Your Logo in the Videos 

The video editing tool lets you use your logo to create personalized videos. You can even remove the watermark if you have a paid plan. Using logos in the videos drives more engagement, and people can remember and relate to your brand.

Export and Share Videos on 1080p

After all the editing work, you can export and share the videos in 1080p resolution for unmatched clarity. You even get 2GB of cloud storage for free, where you can store your videos for easy access.

1080p resolution and free cloud storage are only available in the Monthly and Annual Plan.

How much does Wondershare VidAir Cost?

You might be thinking about how much VidAir costs! Well, the tool doesn’t cost you anything as there is a free variant available that you can use without shelling out even a single buck. However, there are only limited features available in the free version.

The monthly and annual plans of the tool are affordable as well. So, it is worth getting the subscription by paying a little when it can bring in a lot for your business.

Just go to Wondershare VidAir’s official site and checkout with the plan you like. You can even pay using PayPal.  

How to use Wondershare VidAir?

Using the tool is quite easy, and there is no need to attend a course for it. All you need to do is take the subscription, go through the user guide, and you are ready to edit the videos to make them look professional and attractive. 

Final Thoughts! 

When videos can do a lot for your business, it is definitely worth it to try Wondershare VidAir. To begin with, get the free trial and use it for learning and posting videos. You can take the paid subscription anytime to get more editing features in your arsenal.

Furthermore, you can cancel the subscription anytime when you want. You get tons of things in the paid subscription that helps you create, share, and post videos on the go.

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