Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Refurbished Products

Imagine buying your favourite Smartphone without burning a hole in your pocket! When the prices are skyrocketing more than ever these days, this fanciful imagination literally seems like a reverie. Believe it or not, it is actually possible and you can cash in on this opportunity and save big. Now, you may inquisitively question that what are the odds that the product you so dearly bought turns into a quality compromised dummy piece in some days? Rest assured we will answer all your speculations regarding the so-called Refurbished products. 

Exploring the term ‘Refurbished’ item

Is it an old second-hand product? Is it a defective piece? Is it a first copy of the original product? A big NO!

With the notion of reusing a product all over again, refurbished goods are electronic machinery that has been returned to the manufacturers and rectified with defects. Before selling in the market they are tested just like a brand new product. It is not even necessary that they have been used before. The mobile sellers display some of their selling pieces as a showcase; these might not be sold as the packaging seal is opened. In that scenario, the item is shipped to the manufacturer to shine like a brand new one.

Are all the refurbished products genuine?

One might wonder that if buying a refurbished mobile phone can be pretty much convenient then why this practice has not created hype in the market place yet. Buyers certainly cannot control their temptations for such products at a low price. The answer to this question lies in the fact that not all refurbished mobile phones will guarantee you the quality features at a reasonable price. Watch out customers, the reinvention can be a hoax too! The refurbished goods come in two categories and you need to pay some serious attention to this while buying one to save you from trouble.

Digging into categories of refurbished products

The first type is ‘Original refurbishment’ 

Surf the internet- the official websites of Apple, Samsung and other branded mobile giants. You will definitely find the refurbished category products. While maintaining the sophisticated mobile standards, these devices undergo rigorous inspection, testing, and renewals by the original manufacturer of the phone. There won’t be any trust issues, in this case, it is no fraud; you simply pay less for an original-like model. 

The second one is ‘Not so original refurbishment’ category.

Well, not all refurbishment products are sold by the original sellers. There are more than a handful of companies that promise original-like refurbished items at a much much lower price (nearly half!) but usually, do not maintain assurance with quality standards. The local repair shops in the market cater to this category too. These third-party manufacturers might trick you with those flashy advertisements and hard to resist huge bonanza offers, but be careful you might end up with an undesirable product.

However, some prominent companies have established a name in the market which does a pretty good job in re-manufacturing the items. Quick Mobile fix renews the faulty items and you get a warranty period of 1 year. And wait, you also get a 14-day money back if you are discontented with it. They have got YouTube hauls and review videos, so you can definitely opt for such options.

The things at stake?

If you pick an original iPhone 7s in one hand and the refurbished one with a pristine not-a-scratch condition in the other hand, then it will be slightly difficult to spot the difference by mere glimpses of both from a distance. The identical twins are quite hard to tell. But there might be some tiny scuffs and the inside features might be slightly different too. 

The radiance of colours in the display might be contrasting; the touch quality can be a little compromising and the pre-installed software and updates might be not that up-to-date too.  

Go Eco, Save big!

Refurbishing is nearly equivalent to the triple R formula of recycling, reusing and reducing as you operate a reinvented product and reduce the radiation emission by mobile phones.

Buying your super favourite phone, cutting the expense to an unbeatable price and contributing your best to the environment- You get all of it with refurbished products! Are you swooning all over this idea already? 

Hoax or not?

Refurbishment is certainly an amazing ideology. You are at benefit if you get an A quality approved, factory tested product. But the other way around is a waste of money. You can save yourself that inconvenience by following just two cautionary- One, Always go for products with a warranty certificate. Two, research well before buying and do not succumb for some product if it seems catchy. 

We hope that you get a happy purchase! 

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