Google TV

It’s been a while  now since Google announced their plans to launch Google TV and now it’s time to learn more about it. There are new television sets on the market that are Google-enabled and if you haven’t had the chance to pick one up yet, you may be missing out.

Google TV is a software

While many people envision a TV set when they think of Google TV, it is actually a type of operating system for a television. It is not the TV itself. Software is provided by some of the newer TVs that gives you access to this platform.

This operating system combines your DVR, TV and the entire Internet together into one entertainment package that you can watch on your set. If you don’t have plans to purchase a new TV, there is the option of purchasing a separate box that you can use with the TV you already own. If you do end up purchasing a Google-enabled television, this software will be pre-installed.

Surf and view at the same time

One of the nice features will find on Google television is the ability to view your favorite shows and movies while you are surfing the Internet. You can watch a movie and send out tweets about it on Twitter as you watch. You can also hook up with Facebook and let your friends know what you’re watching. You may want to let them know whether the movie is something worth seeing or whether it should be given a pass.

Watch online videos

If you’ve ever been frustrated while watching a YouTube video on your small laptop you’ll definitely appreciate seeing these same videos in full screen on your television. With Google TV you can watch any online videos that you would be able to access regularly through the Internet.

As well, you can listen to online music through your TV. If you have surround sound hooked up, this can be quite an experience.

Enjoy the search bar

Just as you would find on a PC or laptop, Google brings their search bar over to TV mode. Use this search bar to look for channels, apps, Internet sites and of course, your favorite shows. Keeping things simple has always been a nice feature to find in any television set and Google brings this home with Google TV. Instead of having to click through multiple screens and navigate through the technology of your TV features, you’ll be able to find everything you need directly from the one search bar. Just this feature alone makes Google television worth having.

Customize your homepage

You have choice when it comes to Google TV. You’ll be able to set up your own home page to get fast access to your favorites. Load apps, websites and all of the channels that you like to watch the most onto your front page with a click of a button.

Internet speed

In order to access these Google features you’re going to have to have a fast Internet broadband connection. The minimum speed recommended for HD content is 10 mpbs while 2.5 mbps will be sufficient for regular Internet use.

Final Words

Google TV is built on the Google chrome and Android platform. Your TV is no longer only about watching videos, movies and shows anymore. It has now evolved into a bigger and better entertainment unit where you can listen to music, surf the net, access your favorite games like Farmville and have access to more than the 50,000 apps that are currently available in the Android market. Never has it been a better time to invest your money in a new television set that is Google TV-enabled.

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