Whether you are hosting a charity gala, corporate event or academic lecture, it is important to get the word out about your event. Social media has never played a more important role in raising awareness of one’s event. The creation of a smartphone application is just one step further that can cause a surge in the popularity of the event. If you are in charge of hosting or planning an event, it is vital that you consider offering a mobile event app that people can use to receive updates about the event. Here are five simple reasons you should consider creating a mobile event application.

Every Event Should

1. Increase the public’s awareness of your event

In 2013, the average event received over 39,000 views. Creating a mobile app allows the word to spread about an event. There is no more powerful force than “word of mouth” advertising. Charity events are in a great position to benefit from the use of a mobile phone app. As many people become aware of charity events through a mobile app, they may become interested in attending or event donating funds to the event. Even if one does not attend an event, he or she may still be interested in volunteering or donating funds to it.

2. Learn about other people attending the event

Another reason people love mobile event apps is because this type of app connects people with one another. People can learn about friends or colleagues who may be attending the same event. They can also chat with others through text messaging or tweets and meet new friends before the event even begins. If two people in the same social network are in attendance at the event, then they can also easily find each other through the use of a mobile app.

3. Give your attendees a chance to learn more about the speaker

Mobile event apps give attendees a chance to do their research on one of the speakers who will be appearing at the event. An app may also give a person the opportunity to view a lecture or speech live without actually attending the event. If an attendee is unable to make it to the event at the last minute, he or she can still hear what the speaker has to say.

4. Creating a dialogue about an important issue

The creation of a mobile app also creates a context for the discussion of important issues. If an event aims to expand awareness of important issues, such as world poverty, then a mobile app can help foster a context for dialogue. The creation of dialogue can also help the event become more “data-driven” and popular in the media. A data-driven event can also cause philanthropists to become interested in donating funds. Research indicates that mobile apps also have the ability to increase revenue for an event.

5. Increasing the number of exhibitors

If you plan on hosting a trade show or other corporate event, then mobile apps can be a great way to increase the number of exhibitors for the event.

These are just a few of the ways that a mobile phone app can help a low-key event turn into a social media sensation. Using mobile phone apps is a cost-effective way to make an event popular amongst people from a variety of social networks.

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