eResource Scheduler has the best teamwork time tracking tools that will help you to efficiently track and manage the workload in a balanced way across your team.

The concept of remote working is not a fad. It has always been there when companies have outsourced services from any part of the world. But after the pandemic, working in cemented offices is already a pass. Remote work is the latest widely accepted trend which will continue for a long. In the digitally-enabled world, remote work has become easy, keeping the option of bread, butter, and businesses alive. Remote work now is just a scenario that is more common and prevalent now. Though it comes with a challenge to monitor businesses like usual, the project management tools have made things simpler. Earlier, tracing remote workers was easy, but now when many employees are away, it may appear to be a challenge. This is why businesses choose to use software solution tools that are loaded with teamwork time tracking features.

What is teamwork time tracking when working remotely?

Teamwork time tracking is an activity to measure and record employees’ total active hours or working days. It helps to analyze their performance when all the employees are not working in a common space, teamwork time tracking aids to evaluate their productivity.

Why is remote teamwork time tracking important?

The need for teamwork time tracking is to stick to the deadlines and manage time. The demand for the same has become all the more important because considering the current businesses state. Time has always been the most important growth metric, and that indicates its relevance to be traced.
As the number of employees working remotely increases, tracking time has gained importance. But why? Let us look at the reason for teamwork time tracking.

Affects Businesses or Projects.

You are here to generate better returns on investment, and this is why you will not leave room for flaws or errors. As an agile project manager, you would want to track the teamwork time to complete the projects within the stipulated period.
Every project involves the proper allocation of time and resources. With tracking, you can see who is performing and who is not. This will help you to push the slow workers or remove the hurdles fast to ensure all projects run smoothly.

Real-time status of employees and projects.

A teamwork time tracking activity will give you real-time details of businesses and occupancy of the employees. With accurate details, you can control the project and see the unnecessary delays. The idea is to run a profitable business and avoid undue hassles in project deliveries.

Enhances the productivity of the employees.

When your employees know that they are being watched, chances are they will not leave slack in the project. The time will be better utilized in making the deliveries on time. The coordination between different remote team members will be better and smooth. This will keep the employees more focused on their tasks.

Reviewing employees’ performance.

The best needs to be rewarded. Shouldn’t that be?
As a project manager reviewing the employees’ performance is essential. The best man should be rewarded for their performance because it is the individual’s effort you could achieve your target. Tracking teamwork time also helps you judge who is the relevant resource for the company and who is not. In a nutshell, you can monitor each employee’s productivity.
You can use the analysis to decide whether you need to procure further resources or not.

eResource Scheduler: How to track teamwork time when working remotely?

Here are how you can keep track of teamwork time when working remotely:

eResource Scheduler has the best teamwork time tracking tools that will help you to efficiently track and manage the workload in a balanced way across your team.

Quick real-time updates on remote employees’ work status.

Doesn’t it sound like taking a quick bite?
But it isn’t unless you are using software like that from eResource Scheduler. You can quickly group all resources spread in different locations, cities, and countries. With eRS software, you can manage a centralized directory of all the resources along with possible information. Using this repository, you can quickly track the location and the work status over the job allocated.

Trace the timeline of the project.

A project has more than one resource, each of which has its own set of responsibilities. When allocating a job, you tell your employee about deadlines and due dates as a benchmark. When you use a resource management software tool, you can monitor the details of each task.
All you have to keep in mind is that the deadlines are realistic, which does not push employees to overburden themselves. You cannot be harsh with the employees, so always mark the software with a margin.

Timesheets to trace the teamwork hours.

The software like that from eRS comes with easy-to-use timesheets. You can put them to use and record the teamwork hours. The software comes with an in-built timer that helps you test what the entire team is doing on a project. There is also a feature to manually add time limits that can be done when you can foresee that things will take time.
Use the data from the sheets to analyze the overall teamwork hours of the remote employees and evaluate who was productive during the project.

Monitor team activities when they are working remotely.

It is very important to note the total time taken by the employees to complete a project. The activity can help you analyze the organizational capacity versus the demand for the future. You can use the resource schedule software tool to note the clock-in and clock-out times.
The time tracking tool allows you to gather information on different activities in which the employees were engaged. Make this a regular practice to detect the idle time of any remote working employees, if there are any.

The project management tool from eResource Scheduler is one of the best teamwork time tracking tools at present. It gives you flawless data for hassle-free project management. The software tool is enabled with timesheets, assigned tasks, automated Gantt Chart reports, an in-built chat interface, and calendars. Make use of the software tool to keep a watch on remote employees and at the project’s progress at the same time.

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