Eight Software Based Solutions to Help Retail Business Grow

We live in a technologically-driven era and rely on technology to perform mundane tasks. Technology has enhanced transportation, communication, business operations, and brought ease to people’s lives. Technology has transformed various sectors’ functioning, and business owners have turned to digital tools to perform multiple functions. It has lessened the human workforce, and technical means have made it possible for companies to record and analyze the humongous amount of data, that too in no time.  Besides, there is always a chance of an error with humans, but these devices present accurate calculations. 

Software is an operational computer program, which consists of a set of instructions that help in performing complicated actions. Software is not tangible, but its outcomes can come in hardware. Software developers can make customized software as per the company’s needs, and thus, the company can perform various functions accordingly. The software can work as a service to deliver a product. It can also help in carrying out other business operations. With the integration of appropriate software, companies can make themselves successful and put themselves ahead of their competitors. 

The business world is becoming fiercely competitive, and business owners are struggling to keep their companies afloat. They fight tooth and nail and try to be innovative with their approaches. Running a retail business in this cut-throat competition is becoming extremely difficult. Regardless of how different your business idea is, a similar company emerges in the market in a few days, further making it difficult for existing companies to survive. Software developers come up with different software to enhance companies’ productivity and consequently earn more revenue. Some business owners do not have sufficient knowledge. Due to their ignorance, they end up installing software that serves no purpose to them. Below we are listing some software-based solutions which will help your retail business grow. 

  • InFlow Inventory

InFlow Inventory

The benefit of having an inFlow inventory is that its free version is also versatile and provides exemplary service. It lets you manage as many as 100 products and let customers contact you directly. One of the crucial aspects of running a business is inventory management that monitors all product facets entering or getting extracted. A slight mistake can ruin the whole operational chain. The payment system of this software helps the business owner in keeping tabs on their outstanding payments. Not only does it provide details of the upcoming fee, but it also maintains data of your previous payments with full details. Its paid version is of two types, regular and premium, and offers a different service set. 

  • Tally prime

Tally prime

Various software experts consider TallyPrime as a breakthrough as it is a multifunctional software. The user-friendly interface makes it stand out and a preferable choice even for those business people who do not consider themselves tech-savvy. The software delivers what it promises. As its tagline says, #MAkeEveryDaySimple, it helps business owners manage their massive amount of data and make the analysis simple. TallyPrime’s unique selling proposition is that it is flexible in various terms and is technologically advanced. Tally Prime helps accountants, inventory managers, human resource departments, and finance officials to tackle numerous issues simultaneously.  

  • ZhenhubZhenhub

Small and midsize businesses do not have to worry about their inventory management as ZhenHub is sufficient for their needs.  It is a cloud-based system. Its free version also offers multiple services, such as warehouse management, inventory, and shipment tracking. Small businesses cannot afford to purchase various software. ZhenHub is a convenient solution, as its upgrading fee is also reasonable. You can easily upgrade to its Standard, Starter, or Professional plans from anywhere.  Another advantage of ZhenHub is that it lets business owners schedule and track shipments from different shipping service providers. A shipping tracking facility helps in strengthening the bond with customers. When customers have tracking access, they do not bother business owners with their queries.  

  • Odoo

Enterprise resource planning is a critical aspect of a business, and various companies struggle in this area. Odoo is a software-based solution that assists businesses of all sizes in tackling ERP. Business owners launch a business with hopes of expanding it further and earn a substantial profit. Some manage to succeed, while several struggles in sustaining a company. Odoo’s USP is that it serves struggling and successful companies alike, and in case your firm’s performance deteriorates, Odoo will still be useful for you. With the installation of Odoo, companies no longer need to manually shift the accounting data as it takes care of it digitally. Moreover, this software can make your business and project management a breeze.

  • Orion ERP

As the name implies, ORION ERP is an enterprise resource planning software. Its cost-effectiveness makes it a popular choice among small business owners. Its cloud-based quality makes it accessible from anywhere at any time. Furthermore, the software provides security to your products, and it helps you provide customers with seamless experiences. ORION ERPs authorize firms to integrate segregated teams, disparate departments, and align their functioning. Its features include accounts payable, financial management, human resources and payroll, bank reconciliation, etc. Integration of ORION ERP assists users in improving business productivity and sustain competitive advantage in the market. 

  • eSignature Software

Different Types of Businesses are using digital signature software to close the deal faster. It will be a safer and secure way to eSign documents online. It will also reduce paper use to save our environment. eSignautre software is easy to use, robust and comprehensive digital Signature technology.

  • ZOHO InventoryZOHO inventory

Zoho Inventory is a preferable choice for SMB, small, and midsized companies. Its free version lets you manage 20 offline and online orders, along with 12 shipments and one warehouse monthly. Moreover, it allows you to select shipping providers as per your choice. It alerts the owners as soon as the stock goes down the designated level, and they can reorder the stock. Basic, Standard, and Professional are three plans. These plans offer serial number tracking, a higher number of orders, composite items management, and free version features — both mobile operating systems of Android and iOS support Zoho Inventory. 

  • Horizon ERP

Horizon ERP is a billing software and has inventory and accounts modules. Neither is it slow nor does it demand high maintenance. The software has built-in Distribution, Retail, and small Manufacturing features; thus, it does not require significant customization. Horizon ERP is one of its kinds of software. It offers a unique set of features. The software has minimized common issues that companies face now and then. It has helped them manage inventory, product management, and support businesses for steady growth. Horizon ERP has a yearly payment option, and you can easily download its application on a smartphone. 


Software facilitates companies in carrying out complicated tasks. They save a substantial amount of time and funds as they help in performing tasks in minutes. Production and inventory management demanded many human workforces, but with software and applications, firms are managing them efficiently. Business owners need to have an insight into the technical aspects as it helps them purchase software as per the company’s needs. 

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