Education As A Key Element For Social Change

by Dan

Access to education is much more facilitated nowadays than it was some decades ago. It is hard to think that no long ago African Americans faced a lot of prejudice and obstacles when getting into higher education. In the last decades African Americans and other ethnic minorities groups – women, homosexual and expats – conquered a lot of rights, and no one questions the positive impact of social class on education. According to the University of Manchester’s Centre on Dynamics of Ethnicity, over the last 20 years, ethnic minorities groups are getting better qualified than their white counterparts in Britain.

Education and social change march together because it opens a world of opportunities for people to change their destinations, help their community and contribute to social development. Although the reality is still far from ideal, it is undeniable the role of education as a social institution, it is a key element to class stratification. To guarantee access to education for people of all classes is to empower them to fight for a fairer society. One of the main challenges, however, is to arrange the time to work and study. Many people do not have the privilege to exclusively dedicate years to complete a higher education program.


The need to work keeps a lot of people out of higher education programs. This is harmful for social change, keeping minority groups from studying is a perverse combination of social stratification and education.

However, there is no need to be pessimistic. Thanks to globalization and the development of new information technology, it is much easier to get education-work balance. Online courses are getting more popular over the years. Well-known (also well-ranked) institutions like Duke University and University of London offer courses on Coursera, including undergraduate and Master’s programs. They also offer financing facilities and scholarship options for low-income students, being a great example of the important impact of social class on education.

The benefits of online education are notorious:

  1. Affordable prices: the costs of implementing an online course are significantly lower for universities. The classes can admit more students at once, and there is no need to rent or allocate classrooms, for example. Having a lower price does not mean its quality is also lower, it is only a more efficient way to provide education for a wider community;
  2. 24h/day: online classes can be watched via desktops, cell phones, tablets or even at a university campus. This flexibility is essential for people who need to manage time among a long roll of activities. Increasing the impact of social classes on education is one of the online courses most honourable advantages;
  3. Multi-cultural: distance is not a problem for online education. It is possible to have students and professors from all over the world together in one course. There is no need to explain how this multi-cultural configuration is constructive to education as a social institution. After all, tolerance, respect, and mutual acceptance is mister for social change and development.


Watching classes is only one part of the student’s duties. Completing the readings and assignments is another one, that requires more time and dedication. To overcome the negative relation between social stratification and education restrictions for minority groups, academic assistance services are an interesting tool.

Especially for online students, which do not have access to monitors and professors personally, these services can be very helpful. The online community for academic training and research is wide and diverse. There also are a lot of companies that offer academic assistance services available. However, it is necessary to be careful: not every company is trustworthy and not every academic writing service meets college standards.

When looking for help, consider institutions that offer payment certifications,  plagiarism-free guarantee and unlimited support for research and writing. We strongly recommend this website as they have been operating for a long time, and counts on a highly trained team, qualified to assist students of all areas of knowledge. Visit their website and learn more.

Writing academic articles is one of the challenges that social classes students face when entering a higher education program. Many of them are very skilful workers but do not have the habit of reading and writing daily. In any case, this should be an obstacle for people to complete a college degree. Find the ideal academic writing service for you and keep up with your education goals.

Take the change to improve your opportunities in the future. Education and social change come together: encourage your community to study and increase the impact of social class on education.

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