The holiday rush is winding down. It’s time to sit back, relax and take a deep breath—but only for a moment. In the fast-paced industry that is ecommerce, there’s always somethingelse you can be doing to optimize your online store. After all, complacency is a surefire way to struggle out of the gate in the new year.

If you run an ecommerce electronics store, what should you focus on after the holidays? Now that people have stuffed stockings and treated their families to the newest technology on the market courtesy of your website, it’s time to regroup. Here are four ideas to help you kick off the new year with a bang—and keep business booming in the months to come. 

Target New Year Shoppers

The holidays are a time for giving gifts, reconnecting with loved ones and enjoying some downtime. The New Year, on the other hand, is typically a time of resolutions and action. If you can tap into this “New Year attitude,” you already have a compelling marketing angle.

For example, let’s say your store sells wearable fitness technology and accessories. Keeping in mind that many people will be embarking on workout journeys in the beginning of the year, feature these items prominently on your website. If you sell alarm clocks, remind people about their resolution to wake up an hour earlier in the spirit of being “the early bird who gets the worm.” 

Adjust Inventory Levels

Online shoppers have different goals when they’re shopping for the holidays versus the rest of the year. As Retail Dive notes, “the shopper often switches back to self-gifting or personal spending mode” after the holidays. Certain electronics sell like hotcakes leading up to gift-giving season, but may sit on the shelf during the new year.

This is the time to take stock of your inventory. If it’s imbalanced one way or another, consider creating bundles and special promotions to bring it back to a more sustainable level. Holding onto hundreds of devices just takes up space in storage—and every day they sit on the shelf increases the risk they’ll become outdated. Figure out how to move merchandise so you can reset. 

Streamline Your Website

Your website is the gateway that actually allows you to sell electronics. What better time than the post-holiday slump to make sure it’s firing on all cylinders? Even a seemingly simple improvement can boost conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

According to one ecommerce consulting service, here are some factors to focus on when you’re streamlining your ecommerce website:

  • Load times

If your website lags even a few unnecessary seconds, you may be pushing away customers.


  • Customer service options

Make sure your customers can reach your brand across a variety of platforms, from live chat to phone, email and social media.

  • Product listings

Make sure your catalogue is detailed, search-engine optimized and rife with helpful visuals.

  • Calls to action

Are you instilling urgency in your customers with carefully crafted CTAs on every landing page?

  • Checkout

Streamline your checkout process by allowing returning shoppers to sign in and allowing new shoppers to check out as a guest if they wish. 

Forecast for Next Year

The thought of facing subsequent holiday shopping rushes is daunting. But it’s never too early to start planning ahead. Evaluate what went well during the previous season and what could have gone better. Start forecasting for the likeliest trends in electronics and ecommerce for the upcoming year. Knowing that Artificial Intelligence, mobile shopping, virtual reality and voice commands will play a big role in upcoming technology design will help you outfit your store with the gadgets people want to buy in the future.

So, what exactly should ecommerce electronics stores focus on after the holidays? Forecasting, seasonal marketing, revamping their website and balancing their inventory management.

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