Everyone wants to keep his or her important documents and data safe. Find us one person who says he doesn’t care about his documents.

Keeping the above line in mind, lets assume you just lost 10 GB of extremely important documents and you are trying every possible way to get them back. No success? Look no further, as we have got you free software that can help you recover your files. This software is called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

It is a lightweight software that gives you a helping hand in recovering the deleted files. Lets know about it more.

How it works?

First things first, download data recovery software from EaseUS. Once you are done with the installation, run it with admin privileges, as you will need administrator privileges as it uses system files.

Once you open the data recovery free software, you will find three options to start the recovery of files.

EaseUS 3 modes

Just follow the instructions as shown in the wizard window and select which recovery options you want to choose. Simply click on the next button as you proceed and you will be asked to select which partition to check for.

If you remember which drive stored your files, select the partition drive and click Next. The utility will now scan your drive and try to recover the deleted or lost files.

What is really surprising is that the scanning takes comparatively very less time to scan the whole drive, which usually takes 5-10 minutes per scan by other software. This data recovery free software takes just about 60 seconds.

This is it, you will see all your deleted or lost files listed in the window after the scanning process is complete. You will also find the file size, creation time and various other attributes along with the file name.

Select all the files that you want to recover and press next. You will be prompted to select the location as to where the files will be saved after recovery.

EaseUs File Types

Note: Select the drive other than the drive, which you selected for recovering.

The program will now save all the recovered files to the desired location and you just saved your day in no less than 15 minutes, right from downloading to recovering the files.


This software will recover EXT2 and EXT3 partitions other the usual FAT32 and NTFS drives. We have tried many data recovery utilities till date but none goes as good as EaseUS wizard.

You can recover upto 2 GB of data with the free version and unlimited if you buy the premium version, which I think is good enough for its price range; and why not? It recovers your hard work and saves you your precious time.

Let us know about the free recovery software in the comments below and we would be glad to hear from you.

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