Partition is one of the several ways of storing and organizing your data. When you make multiple partitions, then you can keep your files separately in each partition. It will be easier for you to locate the files when you are in need of it. Minimum of two partitions is a must, but if you have more than that, then it will be better for you. If there is a virus attack on one of the partitions, then you can be rest assured that other partitions are safe, including all your data.

In case you delete the partition by mistake, then you will not be able to locate the partition that you are looking for, so in that case you need the help of software to recover lost partition. But, things do get complicated and if you want to retrieve it all by yourself without any expert help, then you will end up spoiling it all. The professional version of the EaseUS Data Recovery software will help you in retrieving lost partition successfully.

Moreover, you won’t have to lose out on any kind of files and information that was present in the missing partition. NTFS / FAT recovery is also performed by the professional version of the EaseUS data recovery wizard. You will have to complete the three simple steps to retrieve the lost files from the missing partition. First, launch the program, then scan and finally with the help of the preview option, restore all the important files.

Toshiba hard drive recovery

There is this software, which is specially designed for Toshiba HDD recovery. You will find the hard drive of most computers are being manufactured by Toshiba, so it as imperative to have a specialized Toshiba recovery software. The users find it highly useful as it performs well. Though Toshiba is known for its excellent performance, still it might go through accidental deletion of file from the hard drive of Toshiba or formatting of the Toshiba Hard drive.

Even sudden, unexpected shutdown of the system might also take place. Therefore, it is crucial that some kind of software comes into action to counter all these problems. Whatever, might be the case, as long as you haven’t overwritten all your lost data, you can make use of the Toshiba Hard drive recovery software to recover all the lost files. The free edition is well equipped with all the features that are necessary to pull back information once they are lost.


Here, in this free Toshiba hard drive recovery software you are made available with three options –

  1. Deleted File recovery
  2. Partition Recovery
  3. Complete Recovery

The software will scan the whole system and will recover all the lost data due to the deletion of partition or lost partition. It first makes sure that it has looked into all the partitions to locate the lost data and then it pulls up the scan result. Download the Toshiba hard drive recovery software to ensure a complete retrieval of all your lost data.

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