DotA2 is, among League of Legends and a couple other games, one of the most popular MOBAs out there – this Valve game comes with an insane prize pool and with ever-increasing betting opportunities.

It may not be as popular as League of Legends, but this is mainly because it appeals to a different fanbase, so to say, due to its visuals and its style of play – which is considered, by some, a little bit more difficult than League of Legends.

But, since we’re talking about betting, we assume that you know most of the things that you have to know about DotA2 – therefore, it’s about time that we gave you more information about the game’s match formats, making up for a brief betting guide.

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DotA2 Match Formats

When it comes to DotA2 match formats, we have five available variations – let’s see their meaning and the risks they come with, as well.


this is a frequent match format and it is used to determine which of the teams advances to a tournament’s playoffs. Naturally, these are quite hard to predict. Such a match format may come with a quick profit – but also with continuous losses, as the winner is sometimes somewhat unpredictable.


this match format is also used to determine who is going to advance to the playoffs and, thus, are not that frequent. It comes with a safety net, as the team has to win only one match – therefore, a bettor can bet on the favorite team and expect a win, or he/ she can try betting on the underdog, expecting increased winnings.


this match format is used during the middle stage of a certain tournament, making it quite common. When it comes to BO3, the bettor has to know a lot of things about the teams and about how that tournament was until the moment of the bet. It is also the base for a safe bet, as the favorite will usually have a hard time losing a match in the middle stage of the tournament.


 the BO5 match format can be seen only once within a tournament, mainly for the Grand Final. Usually, the teams that the bettor has to bet on are equally strong, therefore making this a difficult bet. This is also a safe bet for most bettors, as the favorite will do its best to win the match – winning the match also means winning the title, the money, and the fame; thus, the bettor is sure that the favorite team will not back down easily.



the BO7 match format is an alternative to the BO5 one, but it has been used only a couple of times so far. One of these times, in a match between Invictus Gaming and DK, the match format started with a 0-3 in favor of Invictus Gaming but ended with a 4-3 win from DK. Again, information is power in this case – if the teams are just as strong, it can be hard for a bettor to predict the winner.

The match formats are important, especially when determining the status of the competing teams – you have to know which one if the favorite and which one is the underdog.

Moreover, in later stages, marked by higher BOs, the underdog is likely to disappear, as the teams that advance towards the end of a championship/ tournament are likely to be favorite.


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