Dota 2 Kiev Major: What Team Has What It Takes?

by Dan

The Kiev Major will soon take place at the National Palace of Arts in Ukraine. The Frankfurt Junior was the first important match sponsored by Valve, and it started in 2015.

This tournament takes place annually, and there are three major events held in autumn, winter and spring, followed by the summer World Championship, the one, and only The International.

The Kiev Major begins on the 27th of April, and it lasts until de 30th. It is foreseen to bring the real essence of the Dota 2 on the table.

Sixteen teams are preparing to compete for the staggering prize of $1 million. So, the question one may ask is the following: which of these teams has what it takes to win the Kiev Major title? Let’s have a look.

Team Liquid

After the new player GH had joined in January 2017, team Liquid kept on practicing and training. As a result, they have proven their expertise time after time with their memorable game plays. The last tournament they participated in was at the StarLadderiLeagueStarSeries Season 3. Of course, the Kiev Major places a lot of pressure: will Liquid manage to beat their rivals and obtain the desirable price? Let’s just wait and see.


Team OG has evolved a lot under Fly’s leadership. That’s because they have become known for their explosive and unpredictable approaches during the games. After having won three major tournaments in Manila, Frankfurt, and Boston, we would have to say that OG has a few tricks and strategies up their sleeve for the Kiev tournament.

Digital Chaos

Digital Chaos managed to reach the semi-finals at the Boston Major. From that point onward, they participated in the ESL One Genting 2017, StarLadderiLeagueStarSeries Season 3, and Dota Pit League Season 5.

This offered them the chance of working on their game and enhancing their strategies. Even though the Dota squad didn’t win any tournaments since ESL Genting, we shouldn’t overlook them. Who knows what they might show us?

Evil Geniuses

The performance of the Evil Geniuses at the Boston Major wasn’t exactly the best since they finished in the third place. However, things were entirely different at the China Top 2016 and Dota Pit League Season 5. That indicates one thing: the Evil Geniusesdefinitely have the skills and experience to go through the quarterfinals at the Kiev Major.

Team VG. J

This Chinese team has qualified for the Kiev Major as they were offered a direct invitation to the tournament. The squad under Vici Gaming has demonstrated the world their true gaming potential since 2016. VG. J beat the OG at the Star LadderiLeagueStarSeries Season 3, and they pleasantly surprised many eSports enthusiasts. So, it is accurate to say that Team VG. J is one of the most capable Asian teams taking part in the tournament.

Now that you know the strongest competitors at the Kiev tournament, you can consider placing your bets on This way, you’ll be much more involved in the competition, and experience it at a different level.

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