There were about 500 mobile apps on the first iteration of the iPhone App Store in the year 2008. Since that time we have come a long way and in the year 2019, Tim Cook stated that there were more than 20 million registered iOS mobile app developers catering to the 500 million weekly app store visitors.

But, do you know 9,999 out of 10,000 mobile applications fail to survive in the app store. Have a look at some popular and acknowledged reasons for mobile app failure:

Have you ever thought about why mobile applications fail? Not choosing the right iPhone App Development Company is one of the most popular reasons for app failure.

Here in this blog post, we have clearly mentioned some Dos and Don’t that you need to keep in your mind to make your app successful in the long run. So, let’s begin:

Do’s  For iPhone App Development

1. Find A Good Iphone App Development Company That Can Convert Your Idea Into Reality

IT outsourcing is the best approach for startups. Why? Just because startup owners need to do what they know best, especially to get ideas from where they came from.

For example, if you are someone who wants to solve a health problem with a software solution, what are the chances of you being good at programming? The same applies to fashion, e-commerce, environment, banking, sports, etc. – Almost every field except software engineering. As someone who truly understands the value of your future product, you need to focus on reaching your customer base.

Also, it would help if you concentrate on searching for investment and selling your product to the public, rather than losing valuable time in gaining technical skills or grouping a full-time web application development team.

The decision to outsource software development raises many vital questions, such as where to obtain software development services for startups and how much they cost. In short, we recommend that you ask your coworkers or friends for recommendations (if they have similar experience), find a company on niche websites like Clutch, and read reviews online.

Additionally, sticking to business activities from one sector in the market, i.e., those who want to build another CRM system must employ a company full of enterprise software solutions. Same with mobile apps, look for companies that offer software development for startups, rather than those who claim that everything is good.

If this doesn’t seem like enough for you, see the IT outsourcing guide that covers all aspects of signing a contract with an outsourcing provider. In terms of prices, they vary across the region and recognize the company and the IT community. North America remains the most expensive region with local rates of $ 300 / hour. Hourly work rates in South America, Eastern Europe, and Asia are low, with more than a decent group of companies to choose from.

2. Do Proper Research Work For Your App Idea

Most iOS mobile apps fail because the app developer is not looking at the latest trends and doing research work before designing the app. Therefore, you must resist the temptation to avoid falling directly into the design process and abandon the most prominent search task. Research implies that you spend time doing a competitive analysis.

The research work helps you work towards your profile while maintaining the user experience as your mission statement.

3. Always Enlist Crucial iOS App Characteristics

The next thing to do is to build priority functions. It is an interesting theme for the app developers to add many features to their mobile applications. However, it meets the original intention behind clean user experience.

You need to make clean decisions about those essential features and stick to their guidelines that will best influence users by getting rid of these good features.

4. Keep Your Mobile App Away From Various Unnecessary Clutters

Too much data or information can spoil and complicate the overall user experience. Anarchy is more damaging to mobile phones having smaller screen areas than wide-screen desktop computers. Here, your primary aim is to live simply. It is better to include content that can impress your users and get rid of all those elements (additional buttons, images, and text) that block the screen of the mobile device.

5. Sign A Contract And Dive Into The Development Process

After the iOS app development company is selected, the legal system phase begins. Before signing a contract, you should consult expert lawyers (if you yourself are not a lawyer) to manage a proper review of the outsourcing seller of your choice.

In addition to this, you can go ahead and sign the deal. Most likely, an outsourcing vendor for iOS app development will provide you to pursue one of two main legal structures: to enter into contracts directly for the development with an offshore mobile app development company or to sign a contract with a subsidiary (if any) in your country.

Besides, the latter option guarantees that you and the service provider operate in the same legal area, which diminishes various legal risks. Notwithstanding the legal system between the startup owner and the remote software development team of your choice, this complex process needs attention and professional lawyers to join your protection.

Regardless of experienced start-up owners and technical skills at the beginning of the mobile app launch journey, we always support them to actively participate in the development process.

The fact that you are not immeasurable at coding should not underestimate your value to the project. As a startup, you are first and foremost who needs to realize your product in the market, and only you have a comprehensive understanding of what this iOS mobile app is doing, who is using it, how it is transforming the industry, and many more.

Do not excuse the distance between you and Software Engineering. In addition to this, it is your duty to give your exact duties to the team and to analyze those duties, so that you have to assume all your responsibilities. You can join in brainstorming, delve into the programming process, build close relationships with the software development team, and you will be amazed at how broad your career prospects are.

6. Clear Text Drives Readability And Usability

The content is what inspires your potential users to choose their mobile applications. The text that appears in your mobile app is the part of the content that demands special attention. Hence, you need to ensure your text is readable to your app users so that it comes with an easy to use iPhone mobile interface. Choosing a readable font size is a recommendation that should be seriously considered.

7. The App Navigation Should Be An In-Built Feature

Your iPhone mobile application must have attractive content for the users so that users can find it without any additional effort. Given this feature in your mobile application, it is crucial to create browsing patterns that are familiar to your target audience.

8. The Lesser The Mobile App Typing, The Better It Is For The Users

You, as an iPhone user, will agree with the fact that typing on a mobile phone is a tedious and error process. Hence, the shortest advice is to cut down on small screens on your mobile phone. Removing unnecessary fields would be a smart step to provide users with the information they need to know.

9. Along With The iOS App Development Team, Come Up With An MVP Version

We know that you only want the best product for your target audience, so you might not wait for the bid to reduce your iOS mobile app functionality for the preliminary release. Nonetheless, to prove our existence as part of a successful tech startup, it is better to warn users rather than acknowledge the tools they bring to you rather than throwing an unknown plan in front of them. How does one get it? Just cut out all the extra functionalities from the first version of the mobile app and add them in the future.

Starting with MVP (also known as the minimum viable product) is the best choice for startups. First of all, the MVP allows you to save some bucks, as you will work on the last version of your app which diminishes development time and usually provides people less.

Even the audience’s response to your minimum viable product will give you an indication of where to go and what features you should add. This is not always the same as initially planned.

For instance, Instagram was supposed to be an iOS mobile app with which users can control their position, but then it is enhanced with a focus on interacting through photos. Gradually it became the largest growing social media platform, catering to the requirement for its suite of features. Now, Instagram users can broadcast live, launch a business account with in-app analytics, upload videos to Instagram TV, advertise their profile, and many more. Since the year 2010, users have not been ready to admit the power of such a different platform, but since every modern feature was added carefully and then supported by a comprehensive analysis of the user feedback, Instagram found the market leader in the post there was no difficulty with the posts. Follow this pattern and it should only be in the initial stages.

  Now Have A Look At Some Don’t Of iOS Mobile App Development

1. Do Not Think That A Single Professional Can Develop, Design As Well As Test Your iOS Application.

It’s too good to be true in the case of iOS mobile app development. In order to create a high-performance, comprehensive software product, you will need a team with all the important features and experience to make every good decision. If you ever meet a freelancer who insists he can improve his software from A to Z, take his notes with a pinch of salt.

2. Do Not Invest In The Mobile Application Until It Is Fully Legitimate And Verified By You.

It is never the right idea to buy a pig in the poke, what can we say about other popular items like investing in software? In addition to this, you should keep the budget of your mobile app locked in and closed until the project is properly analyzed and proven (independent third party analyses, not startup co-founders).

3. Do Not Think The iOS App Development Work Has Been Done Since Its Release In The iOS App Store.

Even when it comes to the simplest iPhone mobile app, custom software development is not a one-time job to be done. You will continue to live and communicate with your users after the program is designed. In order for the software to run error-free and smoothly, you and the software development team need to think together through post-launch support. Regular updates, bug fixes and troubleshooting become the top of the to-do list when people really start using the software product and provide regular feedback.

4. Do Not Use Your Family And Friends As A Focus Group For Testing.

You should ask decent and knowledgeable people about your app instead of people who are not at all passionate about your app. Not only does this put your friends and family in the position if they are afraid to hurt your feelings, but they will literally not be fair to your application. Chances are, you have already told them what the mobile app will be or are trying to do. Could it be the same conversation with everyone that relates to your target audience?

Let’s Wrap Up:

I hope through this blog, you will be able to know some dos and don’t for getting successful mobile applications. I am sure if you follow these steps, you can enjoy the success of your iPhone mobile app. Also, never forget to hire iOS developer that can understand your industry and provide you the best solution for keeping your business needs in mind.

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