Does Your Small Business Spend Enough Money On Technology?

by Dan

Do you have a technology budget for your small business that you would label appropriate?

If not, that means you are either allocating too much towards technology or not enough. Either way, finding that comfortable middle is definitely something you should of course strive for.

That said there are countless ways technology can give your small business the spark it needs to not only do well financially, but also outlast the competition.

With that in mind, what kind of tech budget do you foresee for the remainder of this year?

Where to Allocate Your Tech Dollars

Given there are a number of areas you could be allocating your company’s tech dollars to, here are a couple that typically stand out:

1. Mobile app

If you’re a small business owner in today’s digital age without a mobile app, you could very well find yourself in the minority. No, not all small business owners have mobile apps of course, but the number with them continues growing on a regular basis.

As you consider adding an app and look at mobile app costs, focus in on several areas, namely:

  • Planning for the app
  • Designing the app
  • Features for the app
  • Testing the app
  • Deploying the app

No, you can’t off the top of your head come up with the exact price for an app until you actually have a bill from an app maker.

That said you can get some cost ideas by meeting with different app makers, feeling them out for what they would approximately charge you.

2. Ecommerce

As you turn to Ecommerce, take note that an online store can traditionally boost your revenue, though don’t rely on it to be the only way you make money.

If the time has come for you to add Ecommerce to your small business offerings, focus in on several areas, namely:

  • Design of your store
  • What items and services your store will offer
  • Having a seamless checkout process, something that can determine whether some consumers come back to you the next time around
  • Promoting your store on both social media and your mobile app

In looking for the right Ecommerce platform, do the same that you did with your mobile app search.

Look for a provider platform that is simple to set up, easy to operate, and ultimately attracts countless consumers your way.

Apps and Ecommerce Prove a Winning Team

Given having an app for your small business is more important than you might initially think; don’t be of the mindset that it is ultimately a waste of your time.

Since you likely outside of the workplace use your smartphone on a daily basis; you can appreciate all the ways a small business app can be of benefit to consumers.

From reviewing your personal finances to finding the best entertainment spots around your community, there are thousands and thousands of businesses you can track with a mobile app.

For your company’s sake, let’s hope your mobile app is one that consumers find to be one of the best ones out there in the business world.

When it comes to Ecommerce, having an online store these days is another great way to boost one’s small business revenue.

Once again, put your consumer hat on as you peer in on your small business, not as the owner, but just a regular shopper.

In looking at your online store, make sure it conforms to all the needs your typical consumer would have.

From when they first visit the site to when they hopefully go to the checkout process (with a cart full of items that is), be sure your Ecommerce platform is second to none.

When you have a winning team with a mobile app and Ecommerce, you give consumers two more reasons to do business with you.

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