Are you considering whether you need to advertise your small business in the local yellow pages? The advertising costs a small fortune, so you need to make sure that this is a necessary part of your budget. You commit to the payment of the advertising fee for a whole year, and you have to understand that it ‘s hard to track how many of your sales are generated by people seeing the advertisement in this phone book. According to phone lookup sites like, the Yellow Pages may not be nearly as valuable a resource as it used to be.

It Isn’t What It Used to be

Back in the day, the only truly reliable resource for phone numbers for retail outlets and businesses was the yellow pages. Customers and potential visitors would look through the services pages in these books for the companies they wanted. The work involved on the business’ end was huge too – you had to run the ad for an entire year in the hopes of getting a few calls back.

Today, most consumers use the internet when they want to find the number of a business, or when they need a certain product or service in their area. No one really uses a phone book anymore, not when most communication with a company is done via email or even direct messaging.

yellow pages advertising

Today, a yellow pages advertisement can cost you almost $4000 a year to run an advertisement. To break even on this investment, you will need 400 customers at least who buy your products or services. This amounts to over one call a day from a yellow pages ad. This is almost impossible, and when you compare it to the leads needed to break even in search engine marketing and social media marketing, you’re probably running at a loss.

What if I Still Need it for My Business?

If you feel that the Yellow Pages are still beneficial for your company, you should create a plan of action to make sure of this. Start off by building a system to track how many leads you generate from these advertisements. Try to notify the customers you already have browsing these books that are responding to Yellow Pages ads that you will give them exclusive discounts using a bonus code on the advertisement page.

To track your leads, you can use a different phone number in the Yellow Pages ad to make sure that all calls coming to it are from that advertisement. When running an ad, make sure you spend more time designing a beautiful image and graphics – people spend 80{71b550cbed0aca3fea2335d26076176dc834a5ad6e765af844b2cea64fe7483b} of their time looking at this and the rest reading the text of the ad.

Do I Need It?

People do still read the Yellow Pages, especially the older crowd. In certain situations, they can be very useful indeed – such as if you offer local HVAC repairs in your area. Before dropping your advertising, make sure you check the lead generation potential of such an advertisement and use it to decide whether it is worth keeping on.

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