Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

The world is going digital and Barrie, Ontario is not something left from this major transformation. Barrie’s tech-savvy people, growing economy, and high smartphone use make it a prime spot for small businesses to try digital marketing. 

If you search on Google, you can find thousands of small businesses getting launched, but most need to be closed due to poor marketing strategies. So, what makes some small businesses successful in Barrie?

The short answer is robust digital marketing strategies. Yes, internet marketing is the latest buzz across the globe. Implementing effective digital marketing tactics can help small businesses in Barrie reach their ideal audience, boost brand awareness, and foster business growth.

In this detailed blog, we will examine various digital marketing strategies that can strengthen small businesses in Barrie to establish a solid online presence and achieve fruitful results. 

Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in Barrie

Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses in Barrie

According to recent statistics, the Ontario government is encouraging innovation and helping small and local businesses by investing more than $2.8 million in the Barrie area. 

Indeed, the internet has made boundaries relatively obsolete as a worldwide platform. You may instantly reach a worldwide audience from every location in the world.

However, you can apply different digital marketing strategies in some regions. Cultural variations are essential and can affect the platforms you utilize and your channels with your audience. 

Fortunately, small businesses located in Barrie now have better options than ever to stay in touch with their ideal audience, maintain their strong online presence, and propel in a highly saturated business world. 

Let’s check out the six best digital marketing tips in Barrie so you can stay ahead of the competitive curve. 

Build a Website that Appeal to Your Customers 

Build a Website that Appeal to Your Customers 

One stage of having a successful business is having a website. Build a website to attract customers in Barrie as well as its surrounding areas.

Potential customers visit your company website to check your legitimacy and learn more about you, regardless of the digital marketing tactics you use. 

This is where you can convert website visitors into loyal customers. Remember that a website is the first step in your future digital marketing campaign, so don’t think about the budget and other related expenses.

The market offers a plethora of pre-made and incredibly affordable website-building options.

However, given the significance of digital marketing in the upcoming years, we recommend building a custom website to fit your company’s objectives precisely. A professional web design Barrie company can help you build a stunning website that attracts your potential customers.

Google My Business: Your Small Business’s BFF 

With an astounding 70% of the global search market, Google is the most popular search engine. Establishing a Google My Business (GMB) account facilitates the process of advertising your company and giving your target audience access to critical information.

Google My Business (GMB) will be your new best friend in the local SEO game. With the help of this free Google tool, you can keep an eye on your online presence on Google Maps and Search.

It makes it simpler for interested customers to find and get in touch with your company. You can benefit from Google My Business in several ways, such as: 

  • Get your small business on Google’s local 3-pack 
  • Reach and communicate with your customers for free
  • Earn trust from the local community
  • Boost traffic and sales
  • Learn more about your business 

Get Started with Referral Marketing 

Using various referral programs to capitalize on the goodwill of a happy customer is one of the best marketing methods for your small business. Encourage customers to tell others about what they adore when they are satisfied with your brand.

Consider the small cafe in Barrie as an example. If you can satisfy consumers concerned with comfort and convenience, you will increase the likelihood that they will refer you to their contacts.

These happy customers can be gently encouraged to tell their friends about your products, and you can reward them for referring them to eligible leads.

Make Most Out of Social Media Platforms 

The year 2020 was challenging for everyone and compelled business owners to take their operations online to survive. And this sudden change increased the usage of social media platforms. 

Various social media platforms will aid in sales, promotions, and advertising. It’s the most effective method for reaching your intended audience. 

Maintain audience engagement since your dedication will earn their trust. Generating leads is easier after you have a group of loyal customers. 

Shake Hands with Local Influencers 

We live in an influencer era. Using influencers to promote goods or services can be a successful tactic for local small businesses in Barrie. It might assist you in quickly expanding your audience and boosting interaction.

Let’s carry out the above restaurant example: a review from a food blogger promoting a small restaurant or an influencer discussing Amazon products from a tiny eCommerce store instantly appears on the walls of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people.

There’s a reasonable probability that your business will grow significantly if the collaboration or partnership is done right.

Run Effective Paid Lead Generation Campaigns

Running successful paid campaigns of lead generation for small businesses is a smart strategy to attract customers and improve their sales funnel. 

  • First, develop a rough plan about what you want to achieve with this campaign, whether it’s increasing email signups, sales, or product inquiries.

  • Make sure your landing page is clear, appealing, and optimized for top-notch conversions. Write compelling headings, along with catchy CTAs to instigate visitors to take prompt action.

  • Then, evaluate the performance of your overall campaign using a smart analytics tool to track KPIs effectively.

  • Based on that, make necessary improvements and optimize your campaigns for fruitful results. 

Ready to Grow Your Small Business in Barrie? 

These are the top 6 digital marketing tips to help grow your small Barrie business into a significant player in the internet industry.

Businesses in Barrie will be able to stay ahead of the crowd and leave a lasting impression on their target audience by embracing these best digital marketing tips.

It will ultimately lead to improved brand awareness, customer engagement, and business success without breaking your bank balance. 

Start your digital marketing journey with WebDesk Solution and experience how your campaigns achieve tremendous success in no time. 

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