If you have an online business of any kind, it won’t take you too long to find a wealth of – mostly positive – information on digital marketing. There are, however, a lot of myths that are prevalent in the industry, and you should be wary of them – because they could quite conceivably damage your business.

Sure, the potential of digital marketing to transform your business is, indeed, enormous. But that’s all it is in the vast majority of cases. Make sure you are aware of these significant myths so that you and your business actually benefit from digital and online marketing rather than it becoming a money drain that brings zero results of worth.


It’s the solution to all your problems

If you have serious business problems, online marketing is not the answer to your prayers. It’s a tool, for sure, and as part of a wider strategy, it can work wonders. But if you sell an unpopular or inferior product, no amount of SEO, content marketing, or Adwords accounts are going to help. Instead, work out why your business is struggling and identify what you need to do to change things. Then – and only then – might digital marketing be useful as part of a wider strategy to fix things.

You can set it and forget it

Because of the nature of the Internet and search engines, digital marketing is never finished. You can’t hire a company, let them do their thing, and then never touch it again – the web just doesn’t work like that. As LdSeoSydney.com.au point out, SEO needs constant attention and adaptation if you want to keep up with – and outrank – your competitors. If you don’t keep your blog up to date, Google will start to penalise you eventually because it appears you aren’t adding anything new. Digital marketing is an ongoing system that requires constant work if you want success.


It’s cheap as chips

A lot of people think that online marketing is an excellent way to advertise your business for free. These guys think all you need to do is set up a website and social media channels, write a few blog posts, and you are well on your way to success. They are wrong. Who is going to write all those blog posts, for example? What are you going to do without using Facebook ads and trying to attract customers when less than one percent of your audience actually see your posts? It takes time and money to do digital marketing properly, and there is no such thing as a free lunch unless you are very, very lucky.

It gives you instant results

Do not expect your online marketing methods to give you instant results, either. Take your SEO strategy as the perfect example. You might get a consultant in to fix your issues, and expect to be ranking on Page One the next day – but it doesn’t work like that. It takes time for Google to start indexing your site and for all the new information to get noticed by the system. In fact, it could be up to 2-3 months before all your hard work comes to fruition. So, bear in mind that you need to take your online marketing seriously, but also be patient.


It’s easy

On the face of things, digital marketing certainly looks easy. But scratch beneath the surface and you will find a whole bunch of complexities that have the ability to drive you crazy. There is an enormous amount of work involved, from researching and targeting ideal customers, to design and conversion. On the subject of which…

It’s all about getting traffic

SEO is vital for attracting people to your site – of that, there is no doubt. But investing in search without also investing in conversion is like inviting people to a party with no food, music, or sound system. You can attract enormous numbers of visitors to your site, but if they aren’t spending any money, signing up to your email list, or are sticking around for awhile, the whole thing is pointless. So, make sure you are thinking carefully about what people actually do when they arrive on your site. Check your analytics to find out what is working – and what is going wrong. And use it to make improvements, focus on your customer’s desires, and get better results.

OK, so there you have it – some of the biggest myths about digital marketing that exist today. Don’t fall for them, and you should be able to build a better online presence and enjoy a more successful business.

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