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Businesses need logos just like they need customers. Without a logo, your company has no identity. If you think a logo is an unnecessary requirement for your company, think again. Where would Apple be without their popular bitten apple logo? Where would McDonald be without their fascinating logo design?

Logos are certainly the business’s most essential element that can’t go unnoticed. It helps to cement your brand’s identity in the minds of the audience. 

Bear in mind that generic or amateur logos have no place in the market. Your logo remains the sign of your company for life, so you have to ensure it is up to mark.

We have talked in detail about the importance of a logo, but how do we actually achieve it? This is a question that start-ups usually ask and have no clue where to begin. 

If you have enough budget, then you can head your way to a professional logo designer. But, if you have time but less money, a logo maker app is what you need.

What is a Logo Maker?

A logo maker is an app that is loaded with logo templates designed for different industries. The app allows you to re-create templates and customize them according to your brand’s theme. You can also choose to create one from scratch if you have prior designing experience using these apps.

These programs have truly changed the way we create our own imaginary logo. The dependency on expensive logo designers has reduced to a massive level. With a logo maker app in hand, you can create stunning logos quickly and with convenience.

Why Use a Free Logo Maker?

A free logo maker app allows you to create your logo for free online within a few minutes. The simple process comes with tons of amazing free templates. Let’s look into the feature of a logo maker app that makes it a top choice for most businesses today.

  • Easy to Use

A logo making app comes with a friendly interface and just asks to follow quick steps to create your favorite logo. With a logo design team, you will have to go through numerous emails and phone calls to make one simple design.

  • A Quick and Time-Saving Process

Let’s say you have started a new business and need a logo urgently. If you contact a designer, he/she would take a few days or maybe even weeks to finalize your design. If you request for early delivery, their charges will increase accordingly.

With a logo maker app, you need to take out your own time and create a logo that you like most. The process is quick, and you can come up with multiple designs overnight.

  • No Special Skills Required

Logo designers are professional experts. They have the knowledge, education, and years of experience to create logos. But technology has eased our lives to a level beyond our thoughts. We do not need experts anymore to create our logos. Even if you are not tech-savvy, you can follow the easy steps of logo creation on these apps.

  • Bring Your Idea to Life

Logo designers are not psychics, and no matter how well you explain to them, they might not produce the exact same logo that you have in mind. Instead of ending up being disappointed, you can bring your thoughts to life using a logo maker app. Do not waste hundreds of dollars on something you are not even satisfied with.

  • Make as Many Logos as You Want

You can easily create your logo that you want people to recognize you with. A designer might offer you only a limited number of revisions. However, with a logo maker app, you can create multiple designs, consult with your friends and family before settling on any one of them.

  • Create Logos On the Go

Are you pressed with time? What if I tell you that you can create your logo while you are traveling? Yes, these apps can be installed on your smartphone and can be used whenever and wherever.

Best free logo maker Play store app

Are you looking for a free logo maker app that fulfills all your needs? Let’s wrap this article with the best 3 Android apps review for you.

1. Logo Maker


Logo Maker by Content Arcade is an Android’s versatile logo making application. This logo creator app is loaded with 5,000 plus logo icons and 2,000 plus logo templates. You can easily save your logo and go back to working on it without losing your initial efforts with this amazing Free Logo Maker Play Store Application.

2. Canva


At Canva, you will even find animated logo templates. Someone who deals in an online business would definitely make great use of an animated logo. You can start with a blank canvas or import the design from the app’s gallery.

3. Dotpict


Dotpict offers unique and exclusive logo designs. Pixel artists would particularly love this app. With Dotpict, creating your own piece of pixel art is easy and quick. With neat features and an interactive interface, this app is a must-have.

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