In your daily life, you may have thought of an idea that could potentially be turned into an app. For most people, this idea will never come to fruition. However, from numerous success stories, we can see that pursuing an innovative app idea can be a lucrative and worthwhile endeavor.

The point where most people run into obstacles is the development phase. The perception is that you need extensive knowledge of coding and various programming languages to make a successful app. There are multiple myths about the entire app development process, which has led to an imaginary blockade that stops individuals from exploring their ideas. is here to provide comprehensive software solutions that answer the most common problems associated with app development. To find out more, read on!

App Development is Expensive

A common misconception is that app development is a costly endeavor that requires significant investment. However, the reality is that an app’s total cost is dependent on its planned features and functionalities. For instance, if your idea requires a basic feature set and only focuses on a few core functions, it can be designed using one of the numerous templates we offer.

The templates provide you with a framework of essential features inspired by leading apps in the chosen industry. You can then decide to add or discard any components as per your requirements, and this will be reflected in the app’s total cost.

The advantage of using this approach for app development is that you don’t have to pay for brand new code for your app if the existing code can serve the same purpose. You will only need to pay for specific features designed for your app. This can eliminate needless expenses and allow more resources to be utilized in other areas.

App Development Requires Software Knowledge

If you’re planning on developing an app, you may be discouraged by the perception that a lot of technical knowledge about software and programming is seen as a requirement. This can be doubly frustrating if you already know the types of features you want to develop for your app but lack the technical expertise to execute these ideas.

With, you can build an app without having to code a single line! Utilize Builder Studio’s drag-and-drop menu to select and implement key features relevant to the app you are designing. They also provide guidance about additions and improvements to your feature set with the help of Customer Product Experts.

App Development Outsourcing is Untrustworthy

You may have heard some horror stories about shady app developers providing a low-quality product while charging exorbitant amounts. This type of outsourcing is problematic as there is minimal supervision on the developer, and the presence of information asymmetry between the two parties can lead to unfavorable outcomes.

Fortunately, has designed its user interface to enable users to determine their own development timeline, with specified functions and associated costs being apparent before the development process starts. 

You can use this knowledge to plan the various phases of your app accordingly, as also provides you with prototypes and MVPs to gather feedback and implement changes before the finished product is delivered. 

App Development Does Not Support Maintenance

In contrast to other development services, goes beyond just app development and provides you with multiple avenues to support and maintain your new app. For example, the Builder Cloud provides easy access to cloud-based storage at competitive prices, which can help you reduce your overhead costs. also provides you with a comprehensive software support service called Builder Care. This service maintains your app and keeps it updated with the latest firmware. Additionally, it can also facilitate the scaling up or down of your app, as per requirements.


In this article, we tackled some of the most common myths about app development. Choose the right platform to build your software and don’t let anything stop you from following your dreams. 

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