People cannot resist using YouTube and other social sites during working hours. In case you have a chance to read this article during your own working, you would definitely know how employees get diverted to unproductive tasks at work. Therefore, some kind of check on the employees is always required to keep the efficiency level constant. StealthGenie’s iPhone tracking app can be used to assess the activities of employees remotely.

Look Busy, Do Nothing

Cyber-slacking refers to the useless or personal activities of the employees on the internet during their working hours. They follow the rule “Look busy, do nothing”. They would pretend as they are working for the organization whereas they are using internet resources for their personal activities.

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Confidence trick – A Threat to the Organization

Employees indulge in cyber slacking with extreme confidence and make others realize that they are working hard for the organization but in result they are offering much lesser to the company. They usually use any social applications by using the resources of the organization. They can also use internet resources to contact the rival companies of the organization and sharing secret information such as client list for personal benefits. It will certainly affect the profitability of the organization itself.

Organization within an Organization

Some employees know how to exploit the organizational environment for their personal benefits. They usually use resources such as internet, clients and corporate networking to run their own organizations within the organization. Now imagine if your worker is coming to the office, seems to be doing work all the time and eventually you get to know that that work was not for your organization, what your feelings will be about that employee?

What Employers Need to Do?

In order to run the organization in profitable terms, employers need to maintain maximum efficiency of their employees. They should be checking and assessing both offline and online activities of their employees. StealthGenie iPhone tracking app gives employers the access to observe the online activities of their employees such as:

  • Web browsing history
  • Call details
  • SMS logs
  • Contact details
  • Emails
  • Call recording
  • GPS location
  • Geo Fencing
  • Geo Tracking

To check the offline activities of employers, it gives the facility of live surrounding through which employers can hear the live voices of the employees. It will definitely helpful for employers to stop unfair competition and office politics. It is available in multiple packages i.e. basic ($8/month), gold ($13/month) and platinum ($16/month) so it does not become a burden on your budget too!

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