Going from being a beginner to someone with Global Elite is a road filled with many hardship and obstacles. Many times, all of your attempts will seem in vain, and you’ll be easily tempted to give up. However, getting there is not possible, and all you need might be some guidance.

Therefore, this guide was created in order to help you get the upper hand and go to Global Elite after practicing. Open cases on http://csbet.gg/, and use the items to advance higher on the ladder, getting to success.

Increase Your Aim

One of the main requirements for being a good player is having a great aim. This ensures you will always shoot properly and be able to hit the target. If you don’t have great aim, then this could be why you haven’t been able to achieve Global Elite.

Sure, learning to aim is not easy. Many players are still struggling to do it effectively, so don’t feel bad about it. Make sure to watch some pro players aim at others, and you’ll learn the skill in a much better way. Don’t forget – you have to practice a lot in order to achieve it, so don’t expect it to be achieved overnight.

Spend Lots of Time on the Game

Improvement is the one thing staying between you and Global Elite. That being said, improvement can only be done through investing lots of time into the game. Of course, this doesn’t mean simply going and shooting enemies all the time will give you that much development.

Actually, you have to sit back and think about the areas you’re lacking in the most and focus on improving those. If you practice with them despite how bad you are, you will get much better and your whole gameplay will benefit off it.

Spend lots of time practicing, yet don’t neglect real life for it either.

Learn the Maps

You can’t go too far without knowing a single thing about the maps you’re playing on. Learning the maps will help you with your strategy creation because you know the best corners to hide, where the enemies are most likely to strike, and so on.

You don’t have to know every inch of all maps in the game, because there are way too many. Focus on learning a few maps that have really grabbed your attention, and you’ll be able to step up your game.


Use the Most Comfortable Settings

The game comes with various settings which more or less impact the whole gameplay experience. While some work for a handful of player, they might not work for others and so on. That being said, you need to find the best settings for you which work according to your keyboard, mouse and more. Stick to them once you find them, and you’ll have an outstanding performance.

Final Thoughts

You’ll surely have a lot to go until obtaining Global Elite, but with some hard work, you’ll get to the end of the road. Use the information in this guide to help you advance, and Global Elite will get closer and closer.

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