Have you been dreaming to develop your own android app?

Wouldn’t you love to do one?

Here’s a snippet that will give you details about what you will need to develop a android app and where you will find them.

Android is basically a Linux based operating system with java interface.

So what do you need ?

You will need a compiler, debugger and a virtual machine to run the application. You get these all in a single package called Android software development kit(SDK) .

But these tools are command line based so a little homework is needed for it.

Android virtual device (AVD)is the emulator which can be used to test the app without an actual android phone and Android debug bridge (ADB) can be used to connect to a real android device or an virtual one.

This is one way development


If you are using eclipse Google provide Android development tool which are specifically designed to develop using eclipse IDE.

If you are using java coding than you might require Dalvik virtual machine (DVM) which converts into its owns byte code rather than using java byte code.

So you cannot run java class codes directly you will have to use DVM.

You can get the SDK from here http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html.

How to do?

Primary step would be to write a java program for your app then convert them into java class file using java compiler.

Converting the files into  executable(.dex) using dalvik virtual machine. During this process the redundant files are compressed in the (.dex) file. Hence these (.dex )files are smaller in size. The image and the XML file the program will be packed into (.apk) by the Android Asset Packaging Tool.

This (.apk) is the final file that has all the executable files. This can be bridged into a virtual machine or a mobile phone using the ADB.

Except for writing the java program and compiling it , all other process will be carried out by ADT and the final (.apk) will be generated.

This way you will have your app ready.

If you wanna learn it step by step Google has very well documented material. Visit http://developer.android.com/training/basics/firstapp/index.html

So proceed to build your android app.

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