Happy employees are productive employees. One of the greatest costs companies incur is employee turnover. Because the investment in securing, training and on boarding new employees is high, it makes great business sense, and people sense, to protect that investment.  Not only can costs be reduced through a strong employee focused company culture, but productivity rises which stimulates corporate revenue.  Empower your employees and let them know they are the company and are truly values. Follow some of these recommendations from the Human Resources experts in instilling an employee focused culture in your company.

Create A Positive Company Culture

Company owners will agree that employee satisfaction goes far beyond a benefits package and vacation allotment. Consider that employees spend more time at their jobs than with their families.  That’s big. That also means a company can become an extended family. Within strong employee focused companies, this is often the case.  These companies also experienced lower rates of turnover.  They’ve created a culture of loyalty.

Birthday flowers, gym memberships and well-appointed break rooms are just a few of the tangible things a company can provide to acknowledge employees worth.  Better yet, monthly meetings with rank and file and management to offer best practices and improvement in work flow and production processes are a double bonus. On one hand, it’s the employees that execute processes that are able to uncover faults and improvements and on the other, listening, empowering and acting on these suggestions lets employees know how much their insight is valued. Everyone wins.

Create A Positive

Lunch and learn programs, walking clubs and monthly healthy lunches go a long way towards improving both health and morale.  If it’s learning about the different departments within the company, or ways to control weight and blood pressure, employees will benefit from lunch and learn programs.  Encouraging movement, like walking, for desk bound employees will result in a healthier employee population and ultimately in reduced health insurance costs.  These are long term benefits.  Controlling the cost of employee turnover and increasing employee production are both products of an employee centered company culture.  The bonuses will continue for years to come.

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