In 2020 our phones and computers store a lot of sensitive details about our private lives. The point is web searchers, instant chat rooms, and social networks manage in-built algorithms that gather and examine every piece of data. The records of web searches are a high-priced dataset for ad-makers because they need to analyze user’s online behavior and desires to manipulate and trigger them further. Popular browsing tools suggest an auto-filling feature for passwords, which is handy but extremely unsafe as your keys pass to a central server. Bear in mind that companies and market giants, namely Google, join the information-gathering program. Also, your uploaded online media assist robot learning and may cause identity theft. How to bypass web spying? 

The initial step is to extend your daily toolset with the best anonymous browsers. Discover what services win over the privacy-focused audience and choose the best for you! 

TOP 3 – Best Anonymous Browsers

#1 Utopia

Idyll browser is an essential element of Utopia – a P2P environment, including a must-have tool for online privacy. The web searcher intends to protect in-house websites viewing. This scheme promises 100% internal safety when people follow links and build their pages. Idyll browser doesn’t support ads and tracking mechanisms. It doesn’t handle sensitive data, browsing history, passwords. The processes are defended with the Elliptic curve and 256-bit AES – the most sophisticated technology ever possible. What are the additional Utopia features? 

  •   instant messenger;
  •   secure mailbox;
  •   crypto wallet;
  •   mining tool.

Even though Idyll browser is pretty new on the market, it has shown genuine anonymity. Download Utopia right away to remain secure! 

#2 Epic Browser

This web browsing service is available to download for macOS and Windows. When browsing via Epic, users avoid tracking mechanisms and irritating ads. The browser doesn’t monitor the user’s history of searches activating the incognito mode by default. 

Epic assures the original user’s location is covered because DNS prefetching is prohibited. This tool is advantageous because businesses can’t target advertisements on you without identifying the geo-location. What is beneficial regarding Epic is that it auto-blocks cookie files, so you don’t need to accept dubious schemes. Epic doesn’t keep cache, like passcodes, payment data, etc. 

Remember, that Epic doesn’t decrease the speed of work when implementing additional protection. All in all, this browser is certainly worth using. 

# 3 Comodo Dragon Browser

This web searching tool is accessible for Windows mac OS devices. Likewise, other programs for security Comodo limits cookies providing anonymity and confidentiality while surfing the web. What is unique concerning this Epic? 

The team has developed the algorithm recognizing weak and safe SSLs. These certificates aim to encrypt the information ere it shifts within a server and a browser. Owing to the fact Comodo Dragon classifies SSLs, the delicate details you mention online are five-star secured.

Take into account that you can install the antivirus software in combination with other applications for online security when downloading Comodo. This company is specialized in cybersecurity software, so you obtain the extras for free or with price reductions. An antivirus, in combination with Comodo Dragon, will notify you in the situation you follow crooked links and visit malicious sites. Make use of online protection and download Comodo! 


Using one of the best reliable web searchers is the initial and vital start of beating espionage. Keep in mind that you better use VPNs, encrypted chats, and P2P mailing services accompanying browsers. That is how data leakage risk is minimal. Boost your everyday toolset and experience true confidentiality! 

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