Got a geek friend whose birthday is around the corner? Thinking of getting them something that’s not only unique, but also useful at the same time? You should go for a gift that would really make them happy. When it comes to shopping for a geeky friend, any gadget would make a fantastic gift. 

When you’re looking for gifts for tech enthusiasts, you will definitely find something that they won’t be able to turn down. Before you dive into shopping for them, you need to know that  gadgets tend to be some of the most expensive gifts. However, you would be surprised to know that there’s a cheaper way to make your overbearing tech consumer friends happy. 

If budget is your primary concern and you also want to look for some of the most popular and sought-after gifts, then keep on reading this article. We have put together some unique and budget-friendly gifts that your geeky friend would love. Whether you are in search of cool gadget gift ideas for a male or female, these cool gadgets will make life easier, even if you are looking for the pickiest person on your list. So, let’s take a look at them!

International Travel Adapter

We can never have too many adapters. In fact, it is ideal to have more than less. That’s why a high-quality and attractive travel adapter makes a great gift. If your friend is always on the go, then this adapter is perfect for them! What makes this little adapter the perfect gift is the fact that it can work in over 200 countries

It gives you the sheer convenience of having so many USB ports and that too in a single outlet. Yes, you read it right. This adapter allows you to simultaneously power up to 5 devices. So, make sure you present this extremely portable, affordable and not to mention, very useful device to your friend with a wanderlust. 

There are several e-commerce sites where you can find the travel adapter at affordable rates. However, you must have high-speed internet to make your online shopping endeavor smooth and hassle-free like never before.

Mobile Grip

Now here’s an attractive little gadget that your friend would instantly fall in love with. It has never been easy to text, make phone calls, play games on your mobile phone without feeling it will just slip out of your hands. Now, all you have to do is stick the grip to the back of your mobile device for some extra security.

The phone grip enhances your natural hold as it can stick on the back of any phone. On top of that, it can also be used as a stand. It is the kind of mobile grip that not only revolutionizes the way you hold your device, but also improves the life span of your phone.

These mobile grips come in a variety of designs and colors and it would be great if you can give your friend one with their favorite design on it.

Sonos Move Smart Speaker

If your friend is a music enthusiast, then consider giving them a smart speaker. Sonos is one of the popular companies that offer portable Bluetooth speakers that your music loving friend would love to use.

You will be totally blown away by the incredibly deep and rich sound. Since it is a portable device, it has a built-in handle that makes it easier to carry and use outdoors. 

The best part is that the speaker is capable enough to survive dust, rain, and dirt. It connects through Wi-Fi to Siri, Alexa, and other assistants, which means that you can easily control it through your phone, Apple’s Airplay 2, an Echo, or from a mic on the speaker. 

Flexible Tripod

If your friend is a painter who wants to start his own startup, then he is going to need a tripod to capture their work. It is understandable that professional camera tripods are usually exorbitantly expensive, and will put a dent in your pocket.  What you can gift instead is a flexible tripod that comes with wrappable legs. This will not only secure camera devices, but also mobile phones as well. 

This tripod comes with top-quality rubber feet ends, which prevents it from slipping and allows it to stand upright, which leads to photostability. With its bendy rubber feet, your friend can use this tripod in any way they like.

One-of-a-Kind Phone Cover

We bet your geeky friend never goes anywhere without his mobile phone and that he’s constantly using it to get the latest news on gadgets. It doesn’t matter if he has the latest phone or something dated but up to his standards when it comes to specs and reliability; a protective cover is in order. You can surprise him with a specially designed case made especially with him in mind. With your knowledge of him as a friend, coming up with a design that’s uniquely for him is a breeze.

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