There are situations when we want applications to be installed on networked PCs without investing too much time and physically visiting to every single PC. As it takes huge amount of time and series of steps, known developers has introduced an affordable and extremely easy approach to automate the whole process. Remote deployment tools makes it easier for IT professionals and network expert to get this done easily and within a fractions of time. Such tools are capable to perform single or bulk applications installations on remote PCs at best speed while assuring that everything is working just the way you wanted.


EMCO MSI Package Builder is an only tool you’ll need to perform the entire operation in simple and effective manner. It helps user silently deploy applications over remote PC by converting traditional setup files into MSI Packages which automatically deployed on remote PCs without any client interaction.

About MSI Packages?

MSI Packages are known windows installer file format that combines instructions to install applications over PCs connected through any local area network. These packages can be further used to install, remove, update or edit applications on remote PCs while maintaining the target PC health and stability.

It takes traditional setup file (Client side installer service) into account and makes ready to silently deploy applications on remote PCs. It’s important to create MSI packages using trusted tool so the target PC health and registry changes could remain functional.

Why EMCO MSI Package Builder?

Remote deployment is a complex process that needs to be done by expert or advanced PC users. However, with an intuitive and wizard based MSI package creation process, even a normal user with basic computer skills can perform the overall operation easily. This tool is equipped with visual editors to customize package that you want to install. Keep in mind that visual editors have loads of customization settings and setting wrong parameters could result incomplete or failed operation. Moreover, target PC may become completely inaccessible and the stored files may become inaccessible.

We’ll recommend you to follow step by step guide to create MSI packages over here:

We’ll recommend novice users to follow automated approach instead of manual, which lets user create MSI packages automatically and within shortest possible time frame. Live monitoring technology is another great advantages of using this tool which ensures healthy running of file system and registry changes performed during silent deployment.

Advantages of using EMCO MSI Package Builder

You can enjoy creating various types of silent installation packages to deploy on remote PCs. Some of them are mentioned below:

Make traditional setup files or non-silent installation into deployable MSI Packages


This is the simple and most common method of silent installations on remote PCs. Simply convert traditional setup files into MSI packages using MSI Package builder either manually or through automated way. Installation of MSI packages were identical to manual installation of applications as well as monitoring technology keeps track of all the file system and registry changes.

Get to know more about EMCO MSI Package Builder and take a video tour through this page:

Performing multiple program installations at one time


Wrapping technique is newly introduced with this program which combines multiple silent installations into one single package. All the silent installations will be deployed on remote PCs through this single MSI packages while assuring the same consistency and functionality.

Automatic creation of customized MSI packages


The tool equipped monitoring technology which helps creating healthy and automated way of creating MSI packages. This automated way makes you free from filling various project installation entries.

Manually create custom MSI Package

This option is for professionals who knows well how to configure the installation project. Moreover, they know exactly what features they want to include or what to exclude from the installation projects.

Final words

Need of such tools is crucial for professionals and enterprises to save bunch of time and manual tasks. EMCO MSI Package builder provides all the unique features that helps make remote Installation an easy and effortless tasks. This tool is free for 30 days, so you could use it yourself and test its functionality.

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