content_marketing_opi_photo564403-12-2013If your organization has made the switch from paper files to paperless content management, you’ve made the right choice. More and more companies are switching on a daily basis because of the numerous benefits that a paperless content management system offers, like easy searching, easy integration, and more.

If you’ve been considering investing in some content management software but are on the fence about it, it’s time to pull the trigger. This type of software will make your company’s day-to-day operations go smoother and more efficient. Once you’re ready to make the switch to content management software, be sure that the software you’re using offers the following features.

Capture Features

The capturing part of your content management software is very important, as you’ll be using it very often. Make sure that your content management software has an automated capture feature, which makes it easy to capture things such as emails, spreadsheets, videos, and paper documents.

Premium content management software such as iDatix document management software will have text scanning features, so when you scan paper documents the documents are easily converted into text files. This eliminates the need for data entry, which can take hours depending on the document. It also makes scanned documents easy to search through, which is necessary if your business has a lot of documents.

Security Features

With shifting all of your documents to the electronic format comes the threat of those documents being unsecure. That’s why it’s very important that your content management software has security features to ensure that there won’t be any unauthorized viewing or downloading of any of your company’s documents.

One security feature that you should check for is making sure that different viewing privileges can be set for different users. This would allow, for example, the HR department to view certain employee records which are then confidential to other staff members. This is important not just for security, but because in many cases there are legal requirements that must be complied with.

Integration Features

One of the biggest benefits about a content management system is the integration that it allows for your business. You can integrate CMS software with the other systems that are important to your business, like HR software, accounting software, and more. This allows you to access all of your business data from one single, easy to use location and interface.

Since all documents are scanned into the content management system, this makes integration very easy. Say, for example, you’re referencing a specific invoice that a customer is requesting information about. You could easily pull up all the information about that invoice, and then easily find a copy of the invoice, too.

Just about every facet of your business can be integrated by using a content management system. Tax documents can easily be auto filled with HR data, and you can set for things to occur automatically. This means less time typing in data, and more efficiency from all departments in your business.

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