Comindware Tracker helps us to carry out our worksmoothly. This smooth flow of work is due to its amazing feature of inter-connecting the tasks performed by the employees in an office or work environment. Monitoring theemployees is tougher than appointing them at work.Here is where Comindware Tracker comes into the picture. It is a Workflow Management System that allows the work carried out in any business management systemto flow with ease.

Comindware Tracker is a solution to manage our companies work more efficiently. It provides us with every benefit related to traditional BPMS, ensuring high value of money and better implementation. Comindware Tracker provides us withfacilities to create, edit, appoint and managevarious taskscarried out by our employees. This makes it user friendly also.

Comindware Tracker consistently interfaces assignments, archives, information, and individuals into a solitary community oriented workplace.This enables them with an effectively configurable work process instrument. It also minimizes the business reliance on IT, permitting us to rapidly set up and adjust our work processes with a move.

The reception rate of the Comindware Tracker work process programming is customarily high because of the MS Outlook-like interface.Comindware expert administrations are dependably there for us to help at any point of consultancy.


Major solutions provided

Comindware Tracker proves to be an easier and simpler way to manage the tasks performed in a business management system, provides with the below mentioned solutions. These are the solutions to the major problems faced by any of the big company.


  • Replacing of unproductive processes which are spreadsheet-based
  • Scaling of our daily operations
  • Optimization of our processes
  • Growth of real-time visibility and elimination of process bottlenecks
  • Increment incollaboration and team productivity

Solutions by Industry

  • Online education and e-learning
  • Health insurance claims management
  • Financial asset management
  • Government and document tracking
  • Software development

Solutions by Business need

  • Approval and change management
  • Order management
  • Customer request management
  • Business process management
  • Issue tracking

Solutions by Department

  • Finance and Administration
  • Sales Operations
  • Marketing operations
  • IT operations
  • Human resources


  • Comindware Tracker can be used by any public administrations and small, medium and large business.
  • The companies based in the US (United States), Europe, Germany and Canada are only supported by this business management software.
  • It is supported on the iPhone, iPad, Windows, Web-based and Mobile Web App devises only.
  • This easy workflow software supports English, Russian and German languages.
  • Open API and Salesforce are the platforms supported.

It also provides the users with FAQ’s, video tutorials, online and phone support.All these features make it highly user friendly and a better option to choose.


The benefits and strengths of this business management system are:

Support tools

Almost every tool that should be provided to a customer is made available by Comindware. These tools include both third parties and internal tools.So, customers of every level can get benefited by these tools.

Real time control


Through this option we can control the real-time processes that are being performed. Another benefit provided through this option is that, we can view the status of processes through the lists and graphical dashboards.

Software development

Without a well-developed software, we can fall into many troubles. So, solving these development issues with Comindware increases the performance of our team.

Business process management

This software is an alternative form of big Business Process Management providing easy workflow setup.

Order management

It also supports order management and allows to create and automate the order management processes and workflow coordination.

Project management

Along with order management, Comindware also provides with project management. Through this management structure, one can easily complete the given project by dividing it into small tasks.

Human resource management

Through this we can easily handle our staff, which is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish. It includes hiring of new members, changing the present members and much more.

High customization

We can make any kind of required changes with ease, without putting in of much effort. This is really one of the biggest benefits that any workflow softwareshould provide.

Price and Availability

The basic price at which Comindware is made available is $3750. Apart from this, there are many discounts offered by the software’s marketers based on the buyer’s needs.

Coming to the availability, Comindware is available only in Canada, US (United States), Germany and Europe.


Comindware Tracker by Comindware is really helpful in simplifying the workflow by inter-connecting the tasks performed by a single work place or business. Apart from this, Comindware is a fast-growing global software company that delivers innovative Work Managementsolutions that enable businesses to manage their operations with higher performance and efficiency.

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