Whether you are a slow traveller or a person who prefers to move quickly from one place to the other, you will face a few challenges as a digital nomad. These include: finding new places to live, finding new places to work and making new friends. Sometimes these things may be harder than other times however co-living or shared apartments for digital nomads is a great solution for the above issues. 

Co-Living Spaces In NYC For Digital Nomads


Co-living spaces are becoming more popular and are a viable option for digital nomads today. Shared living is not a new concept and has been around for centuries. People who are not related and may often not even know each other, share an apartment or house and share amenities and facilities as well as parts of their lives. The digital nomad lifestyle has seen a rise in its popularity and thus the co-working concept must be added to the concept of shared living. 

What is shared living?

Professionals from differing fields who have the flexibility to work remotely, come together to live and work in a shared space. These individuals often share the same priorities, values, work ethic and goals. This is why share apartments and spaces are suitable for remote or “work from home” individuals. They offer proper work spaces with desks, printers and may even have extra accessories like headphones. One of their most important and crucial features is that they have a fast and reliable internet connection. 

The downside to these spaces is that they don’t feel like professional working spaces and lack the “office” atmosphere. You will find these spaces in separate houses or villas with unique amenities like a bar area, lounging facilities. 

Advantages of co-living spaces – what you need to know

  1. One of the most important advantages is that there is no travel time and you do not have to bother with missing your bus or even getting lost. This is one way you could save lots of time and money. 
  2. It is much cheaper – co-living spaces are cheaper as you can rent one space to live and work instead of renting a place to live, then paying a rental for a co-working space, as well as transport to and from the space. 
  3. Work at your own pace – these spaces do not a specific open and close time therefore you can start and end your day at the time that best suits you. This means that if an idea strikes at 3AM, you are at liberty to go and work immediately instead of waiting for the next morning. 
  4. You will meet people – meeting people who share in the lifestyle you do, is quite rewarding. You will make new friends whom you can relate to and forge strong friendships. 
  5. It is so easy – it is so easy having things that you need in the same location as the place that you are staying. This will help you concentrate more on the work that must be done instead of travelling to and fro. 

Scholars have estimated that there will be more than 1 billion digital nomads in the world by 2035 but there are many potential co-living spaces that are capable of housing them. 

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