macIs your computer boiling your blood, because it’s too sluggish, and it sorts stall for no obvious reasons? While executing easy tasks, such as opening word processor, it takes too much time to load? Such problems are common, and there are a bunch of reasons behind the laziness of your Mac. Significantly, there are a lot of schemes you can apply to fix this problem.

One of the handy schemes is to cleanup your hard disk, because over the course of time, your hard disk gets filled up with clutter, which makes the speed to slow down.

We present to you some of the very best free cleanup tools, which are easy to use, and saves your ample time. There are other tools as well, but they are expensive and don’t offer quality and efficiency. Here are two free cleanup tools that you can install on your Mac for cleaning and efficiency:

Ultimate Task

Ultimate Task is a wide-ranging tool with sleek, user-friendly interface to help you maneuver some of the essential cleanup tasks for your Mac. Ultimate Task is extremely handy for IT/System administrators in charge of Mac computers.

Apple offers its own system cleanup and maintenance utilities to cater for fine tuning needs, but for the time being, where you need something more than that, Ultimate Task is the right choice. Ultimate task allows you to maneuver all the cleaning tasks simultaneously and individually from its main menu or with the help of keyboard shortcuts.

There are bunch of other cleaning and maintenance utilities out there, but Ultimate Task stands out by offering some of the significant and handy features, all-in-one application.

Ultimate Task allows you to run scheduled cleaning tasks on daily, weekly, and monthly basis. With the help of cleaning features, you can remove log files, such as user, system, server, junk, and core instantly. It makes the whole process so easy and smooth.

Ice Clean

Ice Clean is a great system cleaning and optimization application. Ice Clean offers UNIX based maintenance tasks, which helps you to keep your Mac clean and healthy, just like a new one.

It’s smooth and simple features allow you to run all the system maintenance tasks with ease. Though, the built-in maintenance feature of Mac OS X frees junk files, but it hardly manages to clear out the system cache. This is where Ice Clean offers its handy features to trash the system and browser cache.

Removing the system cache won’t cause any problem. In fact, clearing the system and browser cache will improve the speed of your computer.

Even, if you’re not experiencing any speed problems, the time will come when your Mac will get filled up with cache clutter. So, before it’s too late, and it affects your Mac’s speed and performance, clear your system cache today.

Ice Clean is free and easy to install. Once the installation is done, all you have to do is to run the scan, and it will gather all the clutter in front of you. Remove the clutter and make your Mac run smoothly, just as the day you bought it.

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