E-mail marketing has become a key aspect for any and every brand. You need to make sure that you have a reliable e-mail platform to deliver mails to prospects. But one of the problems you get to face sometimes is your mails getting delivered to the spam box of the receivers. Any Internet service providers take various different factors in determining whether e-mail will reach inbox or spam-box.

This is where you need to put a great deal of attention towards cleaning your e-mail. You need to have a proper check on your e-mail so as to enhance the effectiveness of your e-mails. This is where you may need the help of some external tools that can clean up your mails. ZeroBounce may be your best friend in such cases helping you to keep your e-mail hygienic. This in turn helps you to directly reach the mail box of the receivers and boost your e-mail marketing campaign. At the same time, the packages provided by them are also very affordable and you can hire them without any kind of fuss.

Some of the features of ZeroBounce that makes it such an effective email validation tool:


Detection of bouncing e-mails

The first place where ZeroBounce will help you is detecting the e-mails that are bouncing. It helps in removing the e-mails that are in the invalid format. The e-mail format is generally yourname@domain.com but in the lists that you get some of the e-mails may not be in the desired format.  The major problem with the e-mail accounts is that either the name is incorrect or the domain is incorrect. ZeroBounce removes all such e-mail addresses from your e-mailing list so that you are able to target audience that will receive the e-mails. Thus it helps in enhancing the deliverability of your e-mails and making your e-mail campaigns better.

Detection of spam trap

Another reason behind the misdirection of your e-mails is the spam complainers that put your address into the spam-box. This in turn creates your image as a spammer on Google and thus most of your e-mails are directed to spam-box of all recipients.

ZeroBounce will help you out in this facet by providing you the detection of such addresses that have marked you as spam. They also get these addresses removed so that you are not wasting your e-mails to waste addresses. This in turn helps in making your mail hygienic and thus your deliverability to the inbox of the users is also enhanced.

Appending the missing data

Another very common problem with the companies is that they do not provide the complete details which also results in direction of e-mails to spam-box. ZeroBounce will help you in this facet as well by providing the necessary details such as locations, genders, IP addresses and more which makes the delivery channel proper. It also allows you to channelize your e-mails in the area where you want to set your market.

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