Many mac users don’t find iDVD- Apple’s official tool for DVD burning powerful enough to carry on their basic burning tasks. It has lot of restrictions and complications as well. Apple’s has also recently discontinued the iDVD development. So now we have a situation where MAC users are desperately looking for an alternative. In the meantime, Cisdem Company have come up with a powerful iDVD alternative called Cisdem DVD burner with which you can burn any video and audio to DVD and even can personalize it with optional menus and subtitles. According to company, the Cisdem DVD burner is more powerful than iDVD, offers more functionality and is much easier to master than iDVD. Now over the entire course of this article we’ll be reviewing and verifying the officials claims and find out where actually this software stands. Read on to know more about Cisdem DVD Burner.

Burn any video/audio to DVD

You may encounter a scenario where you’re not able to burn few videos in iDVD due to some incompatibility issues but in Cisdem DVD burner we did not face any such issue. It is capable of burning all types of videos like video captured with iPhone, iPad, camcorder or even internet downloaded videos. All the major leading formats are supported and company keep adding more with every new update.

Free inbuilt DVD Menu template


Apart from support in various format, Cisdem DVD burner also offers free inbuilt DVD menusof different patterns for various wonderful occasions. You can select any one of them according to occasion and further customize it with your favourite thumbnails, frames, button, and even text. Furthermore, you can set any frame as the title thumbnail for the video.

Adding Customized Audio and subtitles

Now this is the part where Cisdem step out in functionality from the Apple’s iDVD. With Cisdem’s DVD burner you can tell a better story by adding a customized Audio along with the subtitles. Subtitles will helps you in localizing your products and even allow you to comment on what the viewer is viewing. Subtitles makes videos much accessible to users even when the sound is off or not understandable. All this can be achieved by just dragging and dropping in Cisdem DVD Burner software.

Editing and Personalizing


Cisdem DVD burner for Mac not only gives you basic functionality of burning DVD but also offers advance features like video editing. You can enhance the video by cropping, trimming and adding special effects to video. You can even rotate a video and add personalized watermark to it. Apart from all this you can even see a real-time preview before burning a video which we believe is splendid and must having feature in any video DVD burner software.


So to sum up all, the Cisdem Video/Audio DVD Burner is really a great tool and a perfect alternative for iDVD. The burning speed is good, the interface is very user friendly and the real time preview is just outstanding. Apart from all this you canalso do basic video editing which is also easily to implement. Overall Cisdem DVD burner is a great deal for all those who are looking for iDVD alternative.

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