Christmas Marketing Ideas For Small Businesses

by Dan

A Christmas-themed marketing drive can initially seem like a lot of work to put in– especially when customers already seem to be very preoccupied. However, this is why a simple, festive marketing strategy can really deliver. People are already spending, looking out for new and exciting products, and open to new ideas and good causes.

Give to receive

A little bit like on Christmas day itself, it can really pay for you to offer your customers something for free or at a discount. A Christmas-themed competition can encourage customers to at least sign up for your e-shots,while offering a service at a low or reduced rate immediately pops a psychologically-stimulating Santa hat on your brand.

Last year, the UK’s Christmas shopping expenditure reached a staggering £50billion, so don’t worry that everyone might take advantage of the occasional freebie – they’ll also be ready to part with their cash in a big way.

Give to a good cause

We don’t want you to get too hung up on just giving things away, but donating to, or otherwise helping, a charity at this time of year is excellent PR for your business.

This isn’t a case of writing a check and having a cheesy photo taken with the recipient, it’s doing something you already want to do – and also getting seen doing it. It’s great for the charity and excellent for brand awareness. It will make you feel positive and could increase your sales as well.

Get emotional

Not in the overly dramatic way that at least one person will at a Christmas party, but instead in the deeply effective way that pulls at the heartstrings of your customers.

Christmas itself can be a complete whirlwind of emotions, and this puts everyone into a heightened sense of feeling, thinking and reacting. Consider how your product or service could solve your customers’ frustration or impatience or add to their excitement and joy at Christmas.

This is also a great chance to audit your target audience before the end of the year and analyze who they are, what they need and how you can provide it.

Deliver a festive-themed campaign

Once you’ve completed your audit, a wonderful way to engage your existing customers is to use every available channel to promote your Christmas spirit. With e-shots and social media, a quick tweak of your web banners and headers will add a dash of cheer to your imagery.

It’s also a great way to advertise any seasonal offers and business hours, as well as get an idea of how you are performing digitally before the new year. If you decide that you want to expand this part of your business before or after Christmas, check out some specialist digital marketing services that will make your online presence thrive.

One more thing to remember during your Christmas marketing – don’t forget to enjoy it. While it’s an essential time of the year for everyone to use all of their marketing expertise, it’s also a time for fun.

If you follow the tips we’ve already given you and play around with some of your own ideas, you and your business should be in for a treat over the festive period. Merry Christmas (marketing)!

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