With Christmas creeping up on us, it doesn’t seem to be too early to start thinking about what to buy for the people in our lives. Tech gifts are a winner with lots of different people, from teens who love anything innovative through to your gadget freak dad, and the old adage that you should never buy a woman something with a plug on it? Well, that’s just not true anymore as women account for just as much of the tech gift market as men!


As well as looking for technology or tech entertainment gifts that are useful or fun, it is also good to consider getting things that are trending – as well as being useful, people also want to own stuff that makes them feel like they are in on the latest fashions. Here are some gift ideas for people who you think would love a trending tech based Christmas present!

E-Cigarette Devices or Accessories

Of course, this is really only a gift for smokers, but a lot of people are now getting on the much hyped ‘vaping’ bandwagon and ditching conventional tobacco for e-cigs. These are thought to be healthier than smoking, and are certainly nicer smelling, but they also give a tech loving smoker a chance to use something cool looking with a battery pack, glowing lights, and a whole range of its own accessories! Check out this website for a good selection of products to help your smoker friend get on board with this trend.

The Most Talked About Video Game of the Year

In the summer, Bethesda Softworks announced the release of a little video game called Fallout 4, and a generation of gamers have been anticipating it obsessively ever since! If you have a PS4, Xbox One or PC gamer in your life, they are likely to want this game very badly, and will love you forever if you buy it for them for Christmas! Of course, it comes out in November so they may already have a copy by then, so also look out for cool merchandise for the game or accessories like better gaming headphones, controllers or even gaming chairs to help them immerse themselves!

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

This is something of a divisive product given that people tend to have a love or hate relationship with Apple, but if you know someone who really loves all things Mac and iOS, then they would no doubt be amazed to be given one of these innovative smart watches as a Christmas gift. They don’t come cheap, so this is really a gift to consider for your significant other, teenage child or someone else you really, really love, but for an Apple fan this is going to be the best present they could have hoped for!

These are just three ideas for tech gifts that everybody is talking about, so if you want a cool, fashion forward gift for someone with a passion for gadgets and toys, these could well be a good starting point for finding them a great present!

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