If you have decided to become a blogger, there are various decisions that you need to make. For starters, you need to decide your niche, your target audience, your writing style and so on. Above all, you need to decide which the best blogging platform to use is. When it comes to webhosting, you can check out one of the best options at http://www.greengeeks.com/web-hosting/. With a number of platforms available, it will be difficult to make this decision. When it comes to web hosting, there are a number of options that you can choose from. Some service providers provide better service while others provide better service. You need to decide what you are looking for and make a decision accordingly. Once you have made a decision, it is a hassle to change the service provider. This could result in downtime and even the blog data being lost in transition. It is best to start with the top web hosting service provider and continue with them as long as you find comfortable. This article will help you decide which platform will be best suited for you.


WordPress is the best choice for those who want to take up blogging as a hobby. This platform allows you to do just that without investing any money. It services free of cost and you can choose from many available themes to design your own blog. There are many downsides to this platform though. You need to pay for upgrades to get unlimited functionality. Your blog does not look very professional. WordPress has complete control over your blog and the advertising that goes with it. They can also choose to suspend your blog at any time for no reason.


WordPress.org gives you full control over your blog if you are capable of HTML coding. This service is ideal for small business owners and professional bloggers. Bloggers can choose from over 1,000 themes. The downside to it is that since WordPress is so popular, it is very vulnerable to hackers, and you may end up losing all the revenue that you earned.


Blogger is owned by Google. This means that you will have complete access to Google tools like Analytics and AdSense. This platform is apt for those who want to blog as a hobby and also want to make money through ads. The easy interface makes it a perfect platform for beginners. You can also place AdSense ads on your blogs. The downside is that it has fewer themes and lesser storage space than other providers offer.


Tumblr is the easiest to use and is a socially driven platform. Tumblr provides bloggers with the option of re-blogging the posts. This platform is ideal for micro bloggers. Tumblr does provide unlimited storage and over 1,000 themes that you can choose from, however this platform is tough to monetize.


TypePad is the perfect platform for building brands and businesses. This platform is for professionals who do not hesitate spending some money on their blog every month. TypePad provides a lot more features and your blog looks completely professional. The biggest advantage of TypePad is that you own your blog and you are provided unlimited storage as well. The flipside is that the options for customization are very limited.

There are still a number of players out there who provide a platform for you to start blogging. We have given you a few options, however make sure that you do your research and check which platform meets your requirements. It is best to take your time before rushing into a commitment with a service provider.

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